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Selecting The Right Guest Welcome Book: Hostfully, TouchStay, Coral, YourWelcome, and more!

Back in 2013 I asked my good friend Matt Landau what he thought about the idea of creating a guest welcome app. His reply? "I definitely think an online welcome pack/app would kick butt!" So Joe and I got to work in 2013 on developing what is now TouchStay. It was around this time that another [...]

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5 Ways to Get Business Travellers Into Your Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals offer so much more than hotel rooms. More space, a comfortable setting, convenient laundry and fluffy beds make rentals feel more like home than their one-room counterparts. However, business travellers have still historically chosen the reliability and safety of chain hotels for their conferences and work related trips. That is, until now. According [...]

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Do 90% of Your Guests Read Your Welcome Book?

90% isn't a number we've plucked out of thin air! This is the % of guests who read the Touch Stay welcome book they've been sent. It's factual data based on our own analytics. Of the last 1,000 welcome books sent using the Touch Stay software, 896 of them were read by the guest. Not only are [...]

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Great Airbnb Hosts Build Trust: Meet Airbnb Superhost Stan Roach

Stan Roach is as close to my idea of the perfect Airbnb Superhost as you can come. Not just his hundreds of 5-star reviews on Airbnb. Not just his total guest focus. Not just his love of his local area. Not even just his appreciation of The Beatles! It's the all-round package that this represents. For us [...]

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4 Reasons Your Guests Want a Professional Welcome Book

If you’ve stayed in a vacation rental, you know “The Binder”. The one from which, when opened, rogue pages come flying like ghosts of vacations past. The one stuffed with sun-faded attraction brochures left by previous guests. The one that was made with good intentions, but over the years has become disorganized, hard to navigate, [...]

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How Airbnb Helped me Travel the World: Jasper Ribbers

Jasper Ribbers is a former equity arbitrage trader who has been living a location independent lifestyle since 2010. He supports this lifestyle by monetizing his skills and assets on several online marketplaces such as Airbnb, Udemy, Fiverr, Upwork and Clarity. I connected with Jasper last year after following him on Twitter and being intrigued by [...]

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The Airbnb Guidebook | 4 Alternative Solutions

What is an Airbnb Guidebook? It all starts with the premise that guests are looking for hosts to help make their stay a little different; more personal than traditional forms of accommodation. As Chip Conley says: “When an Airbnb traveler heads to Hammerbrook in Hamburg or Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur, with the help of hosts, they [...]

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How Airbnb Changed My Life: Meet Jodie Willmer

In the short period of 2 years, Jodie Willmer's Airbnb experience has resulted in her leaving her salaried job, setting up an Airbnb consultancy called Guest Ready, meeting Brian Chesky, becoming a co-convenor of the “Melbourne’s Finest Hosts” group, running 2 sessions at the upcoming Airbnb Open in Paris, and gaining over 100 reviews! After [...]

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What The World Would Be Like If Your Welcome Book Didn’t Exist

Every vacation rental owner or Airbnb host will have "create a guest welcome book" or "update my guest welcome book" somewhere on their to-do list. But why? Rather than big up the pros of creating a stunning guest welcome book we thought we'd flip this around. Give it a tongue-in-cheek perspective! So what would the [...]

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Great Vacation Rental Websites Need Function, Facts, and Feeling!

So you’ve done it... you’ve taken your first step towards independence from the major vacation rental listing sites by deciding to create your very own website! The major sites have been a great way to get started in the vacation rental industry, but you’re looking to take your business to the next level. You want control [...]

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