The Guest Welcome Book as a Vacation Rental Booking Conversion Tool

Guest welcome books are for guests who’ve already converted right? Check-in times, how to find us, contact numbers, etc.

But as a booking conversion tool as well?

It goes like this…

“Dear John

Thank you for your email inquiry. I can confirm that the dates you requested are available, and the total price is $2,000.

You might like to take a quick read through our guest welcome book – Casal dei Fichi – which we hope gives you a sense of what a stay with us would be like.

Best wishes.


The email text itself isn’t real (and I’m sure your copywriter could do better!) but the guidebook is very real. In fact the guide book is from Bob Garner, one of our Touch Stay owners, and he takes this exact approach to his own inquiry response management.

In Bob’s own words:

“We are using our Touchstay pack as a giveaway to enquirers and it is really working to up the conversions – very useful.”

And when you look at his work it’s not hard to understand why.

Vacation Rental Booking Conversion Tool

Here are 3 hurdles the guest has instantly leapt over in receiving that guide from Bob.

1. Why This Owner Over Another?

I’m a guest. You’re a guest. We’ve all been there. We send out multiple inquiries for similar places. Even when we get responses we often procrastinate.

Should I take the plunge and book? Is the location really perfect? Maybe I’m missing out on something by not booking with another owner? Ask no more, the guide book says it all!

By sending the guest something extra, rather than a simple email response, you immediately jump to the front of their minds. You’re different. They remember you.

2. Do I Believe In This Owner?

No this isn’t about a deep faith! Nor is it simply a question of trust. This is a gut feel about whether my experience will be lousy, ordinary or exceptional.

Within seconds I believe that Bob is the kind of owner who’s more likely to provide an exceptional experience – he clearly cares.

Much of our vacation choice is governed by gut feel, the sense of already being there, the so-called “getting in the holiday mood”. Bob’s guidebook sparks that feeling.

3. Will I Attain Hero Status?

If you’ve ever been the lead guest you’ll know that the pressure is on! Your partner; your kids; often your in-laws or friends. It’s a tough crowd – they all have opinions.

However, as in every risk situation, the reward potential is significant! Hero like status can be attained if the choice of holiday is on the money and appeals to the entire group.

Look through Bob’s guide and ask yourself “Would my family and friends be wowed by a stay at Casal dei Fichi?” Answer? You decide. All I know is that I’ll be able to say to everyone “Hey, look what I found”.

Instant hero status!

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  • Hi but don’t AirBnB, TripAdvisor and Homeaway block the URL from reaching the client to preserve their commission?

    • Hi Maged, you are totally correct in an instant booking scenario like Airbnb’s closed communications system. However, in the more traditional scenario where guest inquiries/enquiries are sent direct to you, or if they come to you via your own website, you absolutely have every opportunity to convert them in this way! You could also include your welcome book on your social pages.

      I’d also say that a professional guest welcome book supports your brand. It’s part of your overall toolkit to improve the guest experience. And we all know that an improved guest experience will result in consistently good reviews and, potentially, even repeat/referral business. So, in the instant book scenario of Airbnb et al, I’d view the professional welcome book as part of your long term strategy to build a consistently excellent business!

  • I particularly like point 2, Andy 🙂

    • Thanks Antonio. This industry has always been about personal service. I think the growing dominance of OTAs and instant booking places even more emphasis on this because service delivery will be key to long term reputation. It has to be about consistently delivering on the statements made in descriptions and photos… and going the extra service mile!