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Upgrade your Airbnb welcome book too

Give guests something to love and linger over. Perfect for pre-, mid- and post-stay comms.

Save time, while helping your guests plan their best stay!

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airbnb welcome book upgrade (3)

Upgrade your Airbnb welcome book too

Give guests something to love and linger over in their own time. Perfect for pre-, mid- and post-stay info and comms.

Help your guests plan their best stay!

airbnb welcome book

Touch Stay makes life easier


Fewer guest questions

Everything they need to know before they arrive


Guests help themselves

Practical info & tips at their fingertips


Even better reviews

Prepared guests relax quicker & leave happier


More direct bookings

Collect emails & promo your business (not Airbnb)

Don't take our word for it...

airbnb welcome book

More nights sold

“We’ve had people book for 1 night, see our guidebook, then book for another 2 or 3 nights. That wouldn’t happen without Touch Stay.”

Dani Stein – Villa Uma Dewi Sri

airbnb welcome book

No questions!

“Since using Touch Stay, I've had zero calls for operational questions – because it’s all on the app. I wish I had done it years earlier.”

Sibllye Kim – Villa Ausblick

airbnb welcome book

Guests loved it

“I have 40+ reviews, all of them 5*. Nearly every guest has commented on how helpful our digital guide was. They loved that it provided answers at their fingertips.”

Scott Rasmussen

All your guests need for the perfect stay

  • Local area recommendations
  • Practical info & instructions
  • Check-in satisfaction survey
  • Contact details should they need you
  • Shareable with the rest of their group

Just send your guests a quick link (and they’ll never need to sign up or download anything)!

airbnb welcome book

All you need to look good & recoup time

  • Share in advance so guests prepare better
  • Use your branding (not ours)
  • Include upsells
  • Invite guests to sign up to your emails
  • Encourage them to rebook, directly

A Touch Stay guidebook is the ideal guest management tool for productivity, revenue growth, and peace of mind.

airbnb welcome book

Why our users love Touch Stay?

9 out of 10 users tell us Touch Stay halves the amount of time they spend managing guests.