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Saving the Plumber's Cake

What would you do if you possessed the power to save a piece of family heritage from extinction?

And what if it that piece of family heritage belonged to your plumber’s family… not even your own?

Would you do it?

Well, Rock star host Graham Stow of Sea View Cottage in Portland, Dorset, UK is doing just that. How? He’s sharing it with his guests in his Touch Stay digital guidebook:

Portland Dough Cake is one of those secret recipes that’s been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. However, it’s recently been made public for fear of it dying out (although the quantity of lard in the recipe may be helping with that!).

Portland Dough Cake recipe

Graham’s plumber passed the secret recipe on to Graham, and now Graham has shared it with his guests – and, luckily for you,  Touch Stay’s lovely followers, too.

We’re headed to the grocery store this weekend to pick up cake supplies and will be sharing our Dough Cake on our social media with the hashtag #portlanddoughcake.

Will you be baking a Dough Cake, too? Tag @touchstaywelcome on Instagram so we can celebrate the plumber Jones the Pipe’s family history together.