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Hello “I’m Like Megan”!

We’ll hopefully get to call you by your own name soon! Speaking of which, let’s get to it. We’re here to wow you and your guests (without taking too much of your time)…

We’ll do the work for you!

On average, just 2% of customers cancel their subscription once signed up. So our simple logic is this: let’s help more customers get in to Touch Stay!

Set My Welcome Book Up!
Set My Welcome Book Up!

Property manager? Head here.

What Does the Set-up Service Include?

Set My Welcome Book Up!
  • Upload of your property & photos

  • White-labeled to match your brand

  • Professionally designed for a “wow” guest response

  • Template of headings and content

  • Canned text which you can adopt or adapt

  • A map for your local recommendations

Set My Welcome Book Up!

We’ve been building welcome books for 4 years. We know what guests will and won’t read. We know what works best, and we’ll ensure your book follows this best-practice approach.

Set My Welcome Book Up!
Set My Welcome Book Up!