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Product Updates

Delve into all of our latest product updates to understand what they are, and how they help you.

We’re always working to make Touch Stay even better for you & your guests, so keep checking in for the latest news.


February 2023

Gold stars all around: Meet our first impressions topic & rating topic!

Our latest Topic additions, First Impressions Topic and Rating Topic, are an excellent way to collect guest feedback, while getting in front of guest concerns or issues and addressing them head on!

July 2022

Mobile optimisation, message previews, and webhooks – what the what?!

Memo is now easier to use from your mobile, and preview messages before they send to guests. Plus, good news for OwnerRez users and some more fine-tuning in Content Hub.

June 2022

Memo updates, custom fields, PWA improvements, new languages, a hidden Map tab, and more!

A couple of exciting Memo releases, plus smaller (but just as powerful) tweaks to Content Hub, the Map tab, multi-language capabilities, and our Progressive Web App.

June 2022

Memo 1.0: your guest alert tool

Get the Memo lowdown! Take a walk through our shiny new guest notification system to understand how it’ll make your life easier, and how you can get started with it.

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