The Digital Guest Welcome Book

Everything your guests will ever need to know before and during their stay. And all just a click away!

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The Digital Guest Welcome Book

Everything your guests will ever need to know before and during their stay. And all just a click away!

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The Touch Stay Tour

All your content is stored in one single online location. Our mobile web app packages that content in an easy and beautiful form. You then share your guest welcome book by sending guests a link (they don’t need to sign up or download an app!)

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Share all your insider tips

Use our Google Places integration to help guests live like a local. Add the best restaurants, tourist attractions, and more.

Supply practical information

Provide guests with driving directions, access instructions, check-in times, the nearest ATM or grocery store, and more.

Available on every device

Guests can access the guest welcome book from any device and any location using a unique website link. No sign up or app required!

PDF & print capability

Touch Stay is first & foremost a digital guest welcome book. But you and your guests can save a PDF or print it if needed.

That’s all well and good, but what’s the ROI here?

Better reviews and fewer questions to answer!

Here’s The Proof

Try our demo

Click the button below from your mobile phone and take a tour through the product. It’s based on a real vacation rental in Cape Town, giving you a sense of what your welcome book could look like. And don’t worry if the colours and photos don’t match your brand… you can change them!

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What People Are Saying

Huge time saver!

Touchstay is an integral part of our guest experience. From the time of booking right through to the day they leave, our guests have everything they need. No more tatty looking house books!

Richard Smith of Beside the Sea Holidays

So simple to use

I really love the product, it is easy to use and I am getting rave comments from guests about it.

Bob Garner of Casal dei Fichi

Super friendly guys

I love their product and their customer care is excellent. Most importantly our guests love it!

Oliver Ballhatchet of Solterra Sunset

It’s so incredibly helpful

We have received great feedback from our guests on the Touch Stay welcome book. It’s so incredibly helpful for the guest (and for us!)

Trish Muller of Whistling Moose Lodge

An added value!

I am very happy with TouchStay and receive good messages from my guests. It is really an added value!

Dominique van der Sluis of Zon en Zee Vakanties

Answers all of our questions

In the words of our guests: “A lot of valuable information here; more than I expected”.

Glenda Huffman of Gulf Shores Beach Getaway

Some of Touch Stay’s Cool Features!

When you make something digital you open up so many more possibilities. Take a look at some of the cool features that a subscription to Touch Stay’s digital guest welcome book comes with…

Add attractions with Google Places

No painstaking manual entry for your local tips. Simply use the built in Google Places tool and let technology do the rest!

Your suggestions with TripAdvisor

Once Google has added your favorite restaurant, simply add the restaurant’s TripAdvisor link. Your tip with TripAdvisor’s reviews!

Practical info = relaxed guests

Driving directions? Access instructions? Check-out process? Information that guests can access before and during their stay!

Send scheduled emails/sms

Use our scheduled invite process to send guests an email or SMS with their link, plus timed follow up reminder messages.

No reception? It works offline!

It’s called Progressive Web App technology, or PWA for short! Looks and functions like a native app, with offline access.

Multiple language translation

Need more than English? Pas de problème. Choose from Google Translate, or our more sophisticated multiple language option.

Behind the Scenes Basics

  • 14 day trial, no obligation, no credit card

  • Provide guests helpful pre arrival information

  • Add links to driving directions, websites, etc

  • Simple organisation and formatting tools

  • Preview your book at the touch of a button

  • All major languages supported

The (Free) Extra Touches

  • Add your local tips using Google Places

  • Add TripAdvisor reviews to your inside tips

  • Efficient handling of multiple properties

  • Add location pins to the map

  • Built in print option for your home

  • Embed instructional or tourism videos

For Your Guests

  • Easy guest invitation process

  • Configure simple guest reminders pre-arrival

  • Free to use and no sign up required

  • Optimized for both PC and mobile devices

  • Offline access for those without connectivity

  • Print option for those without gadgets

And always responsive and personal customer support, whether you’re a vacation rental owner, property manager, hotel owner, b&b owner, or guest!

Touch Stay Pricing

Like the price but lack the time? We understand. That’s why we’ve tried hard to make Touch Stay simple and efficient to use. See how easy it is…

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Meet the Touch Stay Team

Joe Jones

Inspired to start Touch Stay after a 21 month travelling trip across 3 continents, Joe is a firm believer that the best way to experience any destination is to ask the locals. Joe is a CIMA qualified finance professional who, prior to Touch Stay, specialised in finance IT projects.

Andy McNulty

Andy grew up on vacation rentals and, as a guest who found the paper welcome book underwhelming, he set to creating a digital alternative. Prior to Touch Stay, Andy held C-level positions in luxury fashion, at brands like Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Victoria Beckham.

Drew Pearson

A tinkerer and nerd at heart, Drew applies his diverse technical skills towards improving travel experiences. This, and his love of travel with his wife and two boys, led him to the vacation rental industry, where he’s been programming and leading technical development since 2013.

Tyann Marcink

Tyann Marcink
Community Ambassador

Tyann has 5 properties of her own and 10 years experience in the VR industry. She has spoken at numerous conferences (VRMA, HomeAway, VRSS, VRWS) on vacation rental photography, social media, and the guest experience. Oh, and she just bought a bank… soon to be a vacation rental!

Jane Mishchishina

Jane Mishchishina
Back End Developer

Jane is one of our grounded earthlings. Which is to say she thinks pragmatically about developing our code, one of the things we love most about her! She lives and works remotely in Ukraine with our technology partner, Echo UA.

Arthur Kokhanskyi

Arthur Kokhanskyi
Front End Developer

Arthur is one of life’s thinkers, a personality trait we love! He takes the right amount of time to assess ideas, all with a smile and constructive approach. Whilst working at Touch Stay he also gets time off to study at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Hilary McNulty

Hilary McNulty
Customer Onboarding

Aside from being Andy’s wife (a challenge all of its own!) Hilary is our Customer Onboarding Specialist, handling some of our larger customers in their first weeks. When not at the desk you’ll find her dedicating hours to Time 4 Children, who help improve the emotional wellbeing of young children.

Kirby Winfield

Kirby Winfield
Board Advisor

A veteran digital media executive, Kirby sold the #1 rated mobile vacation rental app, Dwellable, to HomeAway in 2015. As well being an active angel investor, Kirby is the Investor in Residence at Paul Allen’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence, an AI research and engineering facility.

Need help?

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