7 Creative Ways to Wow Your Guests This Summer!

7 Creative Ways to Wow Your Guests This Summer!

Summer is here and people from all over the globe will be packing their suitcases and heading away on vacation. Now is the time to ensure your vacation rental is guest ready!

Your summer guests will already be planning their stay, buying new swimwear, fake tanning and booking a hair cut. So shouldn’t you be primping and preening your property so it is ready for them?

As the summer season is so important for gaining those five star reviews, you want to present your property at its very best when there will be heavy footfall. We’ve come up with 7 creative ways to wow your guests this summer!

1. Update Your Guest Welcome Book

professional welcome bookThe accommodation is only half the battle when it comes to ensuring your guests have a great time during their stay. Where they go and what they do will also impact the overall impression they have of their vacation. You can help by recommending the best spots in your local area in a welcome book.

If you already have a traditional paper welcome book, then now is the time to update it to a digital version. A digital guest welcome book allows guests to access the information they need from their phones or tablets when they are out and about. To help you get guest ready, Touch Stay are running an amazing offer on their digital welcome book service, until 30th June. Visit touchstay.com/summer16 to take advantage of this offer, or unlock an even better deal if you share it on social media.

2. Put pen to paper


Obviously, at Touch Stay we love the convenience that digital media brings. However, we haven’t forgotten about good old fashioned manners. And you don’t get more old fashioned or polite than a hand written note. First impressions count and a nice hand written welcome note addressed to your guests when they arrive makes a wonderful impression. It doesn’t have to take you long and you can write the notes for all your summer bookings in one go, so they are ready for the change overs.

3. Check the dates

Check the dates

No, not the dates that people are turning up, we know you wouldn’t forget those. Instead, check your guests’ date of births from the details they provide on booking. Lots of people book a holiday for their birthday. Go through each booking and see if any birthdays correspond with any stays and prepare birthday cards, ready for when your guests arrive.

4. Would somebody think of the children?

Ensure children will be entertained in your vacation rental

Look through your summer bookings and find when you have families staying and what age the children are. If you have toys and games stacked away in a cupboard for families, bring out the age-appropriate ones so the children see them when they arrive. Otherwise, a simple gift, such as a colouring book, will cost you a couple of dollars, but will be priceless in the eyes of the tired parents who can unpack in peace, while their children are entertained for thirty minutes.

5. Go local

local gifts for vacation rental guestsEveryone loves to sample the local delicacies while they are on vacation.  Choose the local delight that you want all your guests to try and find someone who can supply it. Whether it is biscuits, beer or bananas, a gift that symbolises “local” will help your guests feel instantly welcome. (However, if your local delicacy is bananas, take note of how many bananas an average person eats. I was once given 21 for a 3 day solo stay. I won’t tell you whether I managed to get through them all or not.)

6. Let your guests do the work

Why should you do all the work, when your guests are perfectly capable of some light toil too? Create a system where guests can communicate with each other and with you, sharing itineraries and leaving feedback. This could be in the form of a simple guest book, but a cork board in the kitchen works really well for guests to pin photos, ideas, or little anecdotes. Think of it like an evolving storybook from past guests!

7. Add a couple of extra questions to the booking form

Booking forms are now an unfortunate fact of life and people are very used to filling them in. An extra question or two isn’t going to raise any eyebrows. See if you can extract from your guests whether there is any special reason for their trip and their choice of vacation rental. Guests may be celebrating an anniversary, in which case you can provide some bubbly, or they may be using your property as a base for hiking, so leave out a map.

It all boils down to this: the personal touch

personal touch in vacation rentalPersonal touches like these will be remembered and appreciated for a very long time. They cost next to nothing, but add character and warmth to your vacation rental, helping you to stand out in the crowded market.

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