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The digital welcome book that stops guest questions

Welcome to the magic combination of time-saving tech + human hospitality.

Replace out-of-date paper binders. No more updating PDFs. Give guests everything they need pre, during, and post stay, so you can sprinkle the personal touch when it's really needed.

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Discover how Touch Stay works

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Or simply reach out to us with your questions. We’re a friendly bunch who are always happy to help!

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Another app? Not exactly.

Touch Stay is a web app - so no download required. Guests get a link to your customised guidebook, which looks and feels like a website but with the functionality of an app. Even better, it works offline and can be bookmarked to your phone's home screen!

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What’s the ROI on a Digital Welcome Book?

86% of customers say using Touch Stay cuts the time they spend managing guests in half. So you can work on your business, not in it.

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Touch Stay features you'll love


Every customer gets every feature

The original digital welcome book has expanded to a multi-purpose tool between booking and review. Seamless guest journeys are yours with no pricing tiers or benefits to 'unlock'. Every customer gets every feature.

What else should I know about Touch Stay?

Is my welcome book printable?

Yes! You can easily print your guide as a PDF to include in your property.

How can I share my welcome book with guests? 

It's as quick and easy as sending a link. Or use Touch Stay’s messaging feature (or your PMS) to schedule texts or emails with a link to your welcome book. 

How do I include my local recommendations?

Touch Stay’s Google Places integration lets you drop pins to your favourite restaurants and activities in seconds!

Can I link out to other sites?

Yes! You can link out to other sites (like your own website or other local businesses), and even embed videos in your welcome book. 

What if I’m hosting international guests?

No problem. Touch Stay translates into 17 languages and is available offline. Perfect for guests coming to you from another country!

How does Touch Stay work for multiple units or property managers? 

Easily! First, you can update all your guidebooks at once. Info that's the same for multiple places can be quickly replicated across all or batches of guidebooks.

No need to print and re-print those hard copy house manuals - edit anything and it updates immediately.

And with Memo, our guest messaging feature, you can schedule communications for the entire guest journey - from booking to review. 

How customisable is Touch Stay? 

Very! Use your logos, colours, fonts and more to keep your own brand at the forefront (not ours!). You can also upload all of your own content, or simply use our templated content to save time. 

Does Touch Stay integrate with my property management software?

Most likely, yes! We pair with all the leading PMS providers. Here's the full list and more info. 

Need help or have a question?

We’re here to help if you have any questions, queries, or comments about Touch Stay. Simply complete the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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