If you’ve thought about creating an Airbnb house manual for your guests, the chances are you’ve been looking around for a neat template. Something easy to use, no drama, no weird formatting, no losing your mind! Does one exist?

🚀 Of course it does! 🚀

Airbnb House Manual Template

We’ve created a free Airbnb House Manual Template with some simple styling, and all the headings your guests might want. Simply add your own photos and text in the relevant places! It’s pretty simple in layout which has the advantage of making it easy to adapt for your place.

If you don’t like clicking links in posts, here’s the direct link to the Word Doc template:


Just copy paste that in to your web browser and it’ll download the Word doc for you. You can then directly edit it and, once done, save it as a PDF to send guests, or send it to your local printer who can put a protective cover and then bind it. Easy!

But Wait… How About an Airbnb House Manual Template in Digital Form?

Why, Touch Stay of course!

Seriously, we’d love you to try Touch Stay. If you’re going to fill in the Word doc you might simply want to spend that time adding the content in our software. The software does have a PDF option so you don’t have to be bound (no pun!) to the digital version. This way you get a digital version to send guests and a PDF to print for your home (and guests can print if they need).

There is also a 14-day free trial, without needing a credit card, so you’re in obligation-free territory 🤗

Sorry, I Don’t Have Time For This!

I know that feeling. Time is scarce. Even a free trial doesn’t help.

If you’re struggling with time, we’ve got a little helping hand for you: our Guest Ready service. Just select whether you’re more like Megan or more like Richard, and we’ll give (no lending with terms!) you some of our time. The catch? None. We just email you when things are ready, and you decide to subscribe or not!