Increase Guest Satisfaction Using Your Airbnb House Manual

Increase Guest Satisfaction Using Your Airbnb House Manual

I’ll level with you. Creating your AirBnb House Manual is not the most exciting task that you have to undertake as a vacation rental owner. Arguably, it is one of the most boring things you have to do.

Nobody really wants to sit there and list the instructions for working the TV, how to use the dishwasher and precisely how many turns to the left is needed to get the shower to the perfect temperature. But, unfortunately, as an AirBnb host it is your job to provide guests with accommodation that not only meets all their needs, but also exceeds expectations.

Airbnb house manual

Why Should I Create an AirBnb House Manual?

The AirBnb House Manual is designed to provide guests with all the information they need to effortlessly enjoy their stay and increase their satisfaction, which will ultimately increase the money you make.

Your vacation rental will have numerous appliances and systems that will all have their own operating instructions and quirks. You can’t predict whether or not someone will want to adjust the heating or cook an extravagant meal, so you need to provide clear instructions for how everything works in your vacation rental.

Guests do not want to spend their time working up a sweat, trying to switch on the air conditioning; or telling their kids that they can’t play on the promised Play Station because they can’t get the darn thing to work!

As your guests are only staying for a short amount of time they will want to adapt to their surroundings as quickly as possible in order to fully enjoy their experience. The AirBnb House Manual is just one tool to ensure this happens.

What’s In It For Me?

Your AirBnb House Manual is not just a tool to help your guests, it will also decrease your workload and ensure your property is looked after by your guests.

And cows jump over the moon, right?!

Ok, so not every guest will read it, or even act on it. This very issue became our prime problem to solve at Touch Stay: how to get more guests to read your Airbnb house manual.

We did that by making it available on the guest’s device, in a visually enticing way, with seriously valuable information. The result? 2 out of every 3 guests that is sent a Touch Stay house manual engages with it for at least 4 minutes per session.

The last thing you need is for your free time to be used up answering texts about how to switch on the hot water. The more information your guests have, the easier they will be to manage.

You can also outline the rules and safety information for guests staying in your vacation rental. Quiet times, smoking areas, location of the fire extinguisher, and more.

An AirBnb House Manual is a fantastic tool for you, as well as your guests. Next time you receive a text from a guest asking about the aircon settings, or the best spot for an evening cocktail, give them a quick answer and include a link to your house manual.

What Should I Include In My AirBnb House Manual?

Your AirBnb House Manual should include everything from the WiFi password to how to adjust the air conditioning. If something has buttons or knobs, then it should go in your House Manual.

You should also include information about where spare keys are kept (if any) and who to contact in an emergency. These bits of information may not be very exciting, but they contribute a lot to the overall experience of your guests.

It is also a place for you to outline the rules of the house and safety information. What you may consider to be common courtesies may not be very obvious to people from other cultures who are unwinding on holiday, so ensure you have everything covered and the vast majority of guests will respect your rules.

Listen to feedback from guests and, if you have missed anything that a guest has struggled with, you can always add it in later.

Where Else Can I Use My AirBnb House Manual?

Once you have all the information outlined in your AirBnb House Manual, you don’t have to keep it there! You can also transfer it to your Touch Stay Digital Guest Welcome Book for guests that you find through other platforms.

You only have to do the work once and then update and refine it throughout the year. In time the humble house manual will become one of your key guest experience assets!

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