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Elevate your guest experience: 21 Spotify playlist ideas for Touch Stay guidebooks

In the symphony of hospitality, every note counts towards a guest's experience. Touch Stay's digital guidebooks are your conductor's baton, orchestrating a seamless stay for your guests. Now, with the ability to embed Spotify playlists directly into your guidebooks, you can add a powerful new movement to your hospitality symphony.

The science of soundtrack: why Spotify playlists matter

Music is a universal language, and the right tunes can significantly impact a guest's mood and perception of their stay. Studies have shown that music can influence everything from spending habits to relaxation levels. By curating targeted Spotify playlists within your Touch Stay guidebook, you can:

  • Set the mood: welcome guests with upbeat tunes or create a calming ambiance for unwinding after a long day.
  • Cater to diverse tastes: offer a variety of playlists to match different activity levels and preferences.
  • Showcase local flavour: immerse guests in the cultural scene with playlists featuring local artists.
  • Go the extra mile: provide thoughtful touches that elevate the guest experience beyond expectations.

Curate the perfect playlist for every guest

Touch Stay's digital guidebooks allow you to embed Spotify playlists seamlessly, adding a delightful layer of personalisation to your hospitality. Here are 21 playlist ideas to get you started:

Welcome wagon

Craft a playlist that bursts with joy and warmth, like a virtual handshake. Think uplifting classics or contemporary artists with an upbeat tempo.

  • Use the Feel Good Classics playlist with popular tracks from the 50s, 60s and 70s - guaranteed to put a smile on any guest's face:
  • Try the Soul Classics playlist - a collection of sweet soul hits, full of love and positive energy to make your guests feel great at any point of their stay:

City symphony

Immerse your guests in the local music scene. Partner with local cafés or record stores to curate a Spotify playlist featuring up-and-coming artists or iconic bands from the area.

If you know guests are staying to attend a concert by a specific artist, get them excited about their upcoming gig with a playlist of that artist's biggest hits. Or, curate a playlist of artists performing in or near you this year (or next) - it could be what convinces guests to book a repeat stay!

Or try a Spotify playlist from your nearest iconic music venue.

  • For example, a compilation of classic live albums recorded at the Ryman Auditorium in the musical mecca of Nashville, USA:
  • ...or a specific live show recorded at your favourite local venue (like this one from Jurassic 5 at the O2 Brixton Academy). Whether you choose small, intimate gigs or legendary concerts, remember to cater to diverse tastes:

Homecoming harmony

For those familiar with your space, create a 'greatest hits' playlist of past guest favourites or local hidden gems. Or capture the unique history of your property with an area-specific playlist.

  • Infuse your coastal property's maritime history with this Sea Shanty playlist:
  • Let guests revel with Irish Folk Songs - just ask them to be mindful of any breakables (and the neighbours) as they’re jigging the night away:
  • For your London property, use the London Calling playlist to remind guests of everything great about our capital:
  • Got guests staying in Manchester? As famed record label owner and tv/radio presenter Tony Wilson once said: “Manchester kids have the best record collections.” Prove him right with a Made in Manchester playlist that showcases the city’s best exports:

Tranquillity tunes

Offer your guests playlists designed for relaxation, featuring calming instrumentals, nature sounds, or white noise for a peaceful night's sleep.

  • Let your guests fully unwind with a Nature Relaxation playlist, featuring soothing ambient sounds that include water, rain and birds:
  • Breathtaking night sky at your property? Let guests feel inspired by the universe with this Stargazing playlist: 

Foodie fiesta

Whether your guests are eating in or dining out, pair your Touch Stay guidebook with a playlist that complements the local cuisine.

  • Let guests take their dinner party up a notch by adding a touch of class with a Fine Dining playlist: 
  • Make sure your guests’ cocktail party impresses with music that makes them bob their heads (but not spill their drinks!): 
  • Get guests in the mood for food at the tapas bar you recommended in your guidebook with this Spanish Guitar Classics playlist: 
  • For those slow coffee and croissant-filled mornings, use the Café de Paris playlist for a true taste of French café culture: 

Seasonal serenade

Embrace the changing seasons with themed playlists. Upbeat summer anthems, cosy fireplace crackling sounds for winter, or a selection of rainy day jazz for those in-between months.

  • Keep guests feeling snuggly as they stay through the coldest months with this Winter Jazz playlist of relaxing instrumentals: 
  • Provide music that matches the weather - this 100 Greatest Summer Songs playlist will get guests in the mood for going outside and enjoying the sunshine:
  • Make sure Santa Claus (and Mariah!) visits with a playlist of the biggest Christmas Hits of all time: 
  • Love is in the air(waves) - let guests create a romantic atmosphere with this Valentine’s Day Love playlist: 

Activity anthems

If your rental caters to specific activities, curate Spotify playlists in your digital guidebook to match.

  • Use this upbeat Workout Hits playlist for guests staying on top of their fitness game during their stay:
  • Guests using your property to work remotely? Use this popular focus-enhancing Background Music for Working or Studying playlist, packed with calming, lo-fi, instrumental tracks:
  • Is your property popular with surfers? Supply the Chill Surf Vibes playlist for your guests to listen to while waiting for the perfect swell or relaxing after a sunset session:

Leverage Touch Stay's features for maximum impact

  • Categorise playlists: organise your playlists by theme or mood within your Touch Stay guidebook for easy browsing.
  • Provide context: add a short description to each playlist, giving guests a taste of what awaits them.
  • Keep it updated: regularly refresh your playlists to keep things interesting for returning guests.
  • Take requests: Embed Google Forms in your guidebook to ask guests what they enjoyed listening to and/or what they'd like to hear during their next stay.

By incorporating these ideas and leveraging Touch Stay's features, you can use Spotify playlists to craft truly unforgettable guest experiences. Remember, it's all about creating a personalised soundtrack that complements the unique atmosphere of your space and caters to the diverse tastes of your guests. So put on your conductor's hat, hit play, and orchestrate experiences that will have guests singing your praises!

Learn more about embedding Spotify playlists in your Touch Stay digital guidebook.

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