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27 best short term rental podcasts for rental hosts

There’s a lot of information circulating online these days about starting and succeeding in owning and operating your very own vacation rental business. Whether it’s a blog, a news article, or even a Twitter post, discerning between best and worst practices can feel like a game of duck, duck, goose. 

So, why not get it straight from the mouths of the experts? In today’s article, we’ll be diving into 27 of the best vacation rental podcasts to excite, inspire and energise your short term rental business.

We’ve categorised each of these podcasts to help you better filter them depending on your vacation rental needs. From short term rental hosts to scaling and operations, even advocacy, these pros know their stuff and we are so excited to present this comprehensive list of industry experts. With their advice and guidance delivered straight to your headphones, you’ll be a vacation rental machine in no time!

Best for Hosts


1. Thanks for Visiting

best short term rental podcast

We kick off our list with Thanks for Visiting, the brainchild of veteran Airbnb Superhosts, Annette Grant and Sarah Karakaian. No matter what stage of your rental journey you find yourself in, Annette and Sarah take new and experienced hosts behind the scenes in running hospitality-focused short term rentals.

Armed with eight years of industry experience and guided by a vision for more hospitable vacation rentals, Annette and Sarah offer you creative ways to not only make your listing stand out while turning a profit, but also encouragement to host with the heart

LISTEN NOW: Creating Exclusive Short Term Rentals for Military and Government Travellers


2. Boostly

best short term rental podcast

Regarded as one of the leading brands in the world of hospitality marketing, Boostly takes things to the next level in helping vacation rentals by owners get more direct bookings with The Boostly Podcast.

Mark Simpson does an awesome job of breaking it down for short term rental owners and operators overwhelmed by the amount of information available online. Providing hosts all over the world with the tools and tactics to increase their direct bookings and boost their profits, Mark’s actionable, digestible advice is easy and straightforward to implement. This is one podcast you don’t want to miss!

LISTEN NOW: Marketing Specialist And Award Winning Designer Shares Winning Strategies For Hospitality


3. No Vacancy with Natalie Palmer

best short term rental podcast

Every Wednesday, 17x Superhost and Airbnb coach Natalie Palmer dishes on her experience and success as a short term rental property host on her podcast, No Vacancy with Natalie Palmer. 

Managing eight properties remotely while being a stay at home mum is no easy feat, but Natalie invites her listeners for a behind the scenes look at what it’s really like to be a short term rental host, including best and worst practices, and how to get more bookings at higher rates. 

LISTEN NOW: Bach That Airbnb Up – Interview with @femmehouseaz


4. The Short Term Show

best short term rental podcast

Holiday let expert Avery Carl shares her tricks of the trade with podcast lovers everywhere in The Short Term Show. 

Avery’s first foray into the world of holiday rentals began five years ago with one property. Now with 42 properties and counting under her belt, Avery continues to educate her listeners on finding the sweet spot between short term rentals and long term passive income, frequently featuring real property owners bringing their A-game to the short term rental space.

LISTEN NOW: Boutique Hotels with Diya Liu


5. The Hosting Journey

best short term rental podcast

Evelyn Badia of The Hosting Journey podcast encourages you to ‘Be the Airbnb Host Your Guests Can’t Stop Raving About’ as part of your successful vacation rental business. Since her start in the holiday rental industry, Evelyn has hosted thousands of guests from all over the world, while managing to keep things simple and uncomplicated. 

From losing her job in 2010 due to the recession, to increasing her cash flow to six-figures from just her two rental properties alone, Evelyn takes listeners through the highs and the lows of her path to holiday let success and financial freedom in The Hosting Journey.

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6. Get Paid for your Pad

best short term rental podcast

After years of hosting on Airbnb, and authoring one of the best hospitality books in the game, Jasper Ribbers brings his knowledge and wisdom to the table with Get Paid For Your Pad, the definitive podcast on Airbnb hosting.

Packed with tips and tricks on how to improve your Airbnb listing and description, Jasper covers the entire process of the guest journey from start to finish. He also frequently features Airbnb hosts from around the world as guests on the show, to talk about their hosting experiences and success stories while on the platform. Touch Stay’s CEO Andy McNulty appearance on Airbnb Guest Communication Tips for 2022 Get Paid For Your Pad.

LISTEN NOW: Airbnb Guest Communication Tips for 2022


7. The Holiday Let Success 

best short term rental podcast

Every holiday homeowner experiences similar struggles and learning curves when first starting out in the vacation rental industry. That’s where Elaine Watt’s The Holiday Let Success podcast comes in. 

From increasing bookings, to reducing costs, Elaine talks about any and every aspect of owning and operating a holiday let. Featuring fruitful discussions with successful holiday homeowners, she offers help and guidance throughout every stage of your holiday let journey. Elaine was also previously featured on Touch Stay’s webinar, Guest Upsells – how to wow guests and increase revenues

LISTEN NOW: Dani Grieveson – Lift This Life – High Performance without Burnout

Best for Property Managers


8. Vacation Rental Success

best short term rental podcast

Next on our list, the Vacation Rental Success podcast! Hosted by the CottageGuru herself, Heather Bayer brings years of experience managing multiple STRs to her show, as well as owning and operating her own highly successful cottage rental agency until 2022. 

Touch Stay CEO Andy McNulty recently chatted with Heather on the Vacation Rental Success podcast about mastering the vacation rental guest experience. He provided listeners valuable insight into how guests perceive the experience of finding, renting and enjoying their vacation.

LISTEN NOW: Mastering the vacation rental guest experience with Andy McNulty


9. Sarah and T

best short term rental podcast

Touted as the first podcast focusing solely on the professional vacation rental manager, Sarah Bradford and Tim Cafferty join forces and expertise on their podcast, Sarah and T. 

As the former owner of Winter Park Lodging Company and Steamboat Lodging Company, and owner and operator of Outer Banks Blue, respectively, Tim and Sarah tackle a variety of topics as part of a vacation rental manager’s duties and responsibilities.

From how to knock your employees’ socks off with an amazing company retreat, to addressing the balancing act of parenting while hosting in the vacation rental industry, their topics are far reaching and their experience is extensive. Pop those headphones in and get listening!

Touch Stay’s very own Queen of Guest Experience, Tyann Marcink Hammond, was featured ahead of VRMA International as 8 brave souls stepped forward to sell their VRMA session to Sarah and Tim! 

Likewise our Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Stinchecombe-Gillies, highlights her key takeaways from VRMA International 2022 in podcast episode 135, VRMA International Conference Takeaways.

LISTEN NOW: Sell your VRMA Session to Us!


10. The Accommodation Show 

best short term rental podcast

Bart Sobies’ The Accommodation Show talks all things accommodation marketing, technology and growth! Having spent the last 20 years working in hospitality, sales and marketing, Bart witnessed first hand the frustration experienced by small business owners.

Armed with a drive to solve the biggest problems in the accommodation industry, his podcast equips you with tips, tricks and tools to build a more profitable and successful business and align your personal goals with your business goals. 

LISTEN NOW: Stop the scroll – the importance of styling your accommodation with Mark Hodge


11. How We Grow: The Vacation Rental Show

best short term rental podcast

Hosted by industry veteran, Lynell Gordon, How We Grow: The Vacation Rental Show takes a deep dive into the latest hot topics to help take your vacation rental business to the next level. 

Lynell is joined on the podcast weekly by experienced guests to offer fresh and exciting insights and to explore how technology and winning strategies in engagement and customer satisfaction can provide value to your business as it grows. 

LISTEN NOW: Succeeding as a Property Manager - from Beginner to Seller with Jodi Refosco


Best for Scaling & Operations


12. Vacation Rental Revolution 

best short term rental podcast

Delivering a healthy dose of the best tactics and strategies for growing and scaling your vacation rental portfolio, listeners are in for a treat with Vodyssey’s Vacation Rental Revolution Podcast. 

With more than 20 years’ experience in real estate and real estate investment, Shawn Moore explores topics like acquisition, pricing and management, and the difference between traditional short term vacation rentals and true lifestyle assets. Shawn also encourages and inspires listeners to bring their A-game to short term lets, with expert interviews featuring Brian Page and AvantStay’s Sean Breuner.

LISTEN NOW: Interview with Brian Page, Author of ‘Don’t Start A Side Hustle’


13. Short Term Rental Secrets 

best short term rental podcast

Michael Sjorgen and Emanuele Pani’s Short Term Rental Secrets podcast provides actionable content to help new and seasoned real estate investors launch, automate and scale their Airbnb business.

Listeners are in good hands with Mike’s background as an entrepreneur, investor and vacation rentals coach combined with Emanuele’s 12 years experience as a real estate entrepreneur currently managing 50 short term lets.

LISTEN NOW: Scaling to 30 STR properties While Working a Full-time Job


14. The Fearless Investor

best short term rental podcast

Host Kyle Stanley invites you every week to grow your wealth with short term rentals on The Fearless Investor podcast.

Topics covered include short term rentals, generating passive income, how to surround yourself with the best team to make your STR run like a well oiled machine, and how to finally scale up if you’ve been itching to grow your business!

LISTEN NOW: Get More Bookings with RankBreeze featuring RankBreeze Founder and CEO, Kelvin Mah


Best for Industry Talk


15. Unlocked by Matt Landau 

best short term rental podcast

After his decade-long career professionally managing vacation rentals, and founding the Vacation Rental Marketing blog, Matt Landau turned his attention to studying the industry and sharing his findings. 

Armed with the mantra “help, don’t sell” Matt built a community of over 10,000 like-minded home-runners, packaging his expertise into the podcast series, Unlocked by Matt Landau. Matt interviews some of the world’s most innovative vacation rental professionals in this knowledge-exchange of best practices and guidelines for the industry. 

LISTEN NOW: Our Foundation with Heather Bayer of Vacation Rental Success (thanks Heather for the Touch Stay shout-out in this one!)

16. No BS Short Term Rental Podcast 

best short term rental podcast

Co-hosts Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger discuss current news and affairs surrounding the STR industry in the No BS Short Term Rental Podcast. Mateo and John provide their audience the inside scoop, offering an unfiltered look into the global vacation rental and short term rental space.

Mateo and John’s recent interview featuring Madison Rifkin, CEO of Mount, highlights how the company is making waves in the conference space, and creating change in the behavioural culture of travel, by making it so guests bring less when renting a vacation home.

LISTEN NOW: Making Rentable Amenities Accessible with Madison Rifkin


17. Slick Talk 

best short term rental podcast

For anyone and everyone in the hospitality industry looking to grow and learn the tricks of the trade, Wil Slickers’ Slick Talk addresses all facets of the hotel and vacation rental industry. 

Wil interviews the biggest founders and professionals across all facets of the hospitality industry, bringing a keen understanding of how hosts and property managers use smart technology tools to upgrade their operations and continually improve the guest experience.

LISTEN NOW: The Heart of Airbnb Hosting with Natalie Palmer


18. Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals

best short term rental podcast

With more than 35 years of combined experience in vacation rentals, Alex Husner, Chief Marketing Officer for Casago and Annie Holcombe, Director of Business Development US & Canada, Homes & Villas by Marriott International, join forces for their podcast Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals. 

Recently named in the Top 30 Hospitality Podcasts by the Global Hospitality Institute, Alex and Annie highlight the people and brands that have built vacation rentals ino the behemoth industry it is today, while showcasing the importance of women supporting women. Our very own Tyann being one of them!

LISTEN NOW: The Queen of Guest Experience: Tyann Marcink Hammond, Touch Stay

19. VRMA Arrival Podcast

best short term rental podcast

Vacation Rental Management Association’s VRMA: Arrival Podcast explores all facets of the vacation rental management space and vendor/partner community. 

Hosted by VRMA Editor Alexa Schlosser, the VRMA: Arrival Podcast covers relevant news and information on the trends, events, and activities shaping and transforming the vacation rental management industry.

LISTEN NOW: Growing Your Inventory With Brooke Pfautz


20. The Skift Travel Podcast

best short term rental podcast

As one of the travel industry’s most trusted news sources, Skift takes all its knowledge and expertise and channels it into The Skift Travel Podcast. Skift touches on the how and why of traveller habits, industry trends and patterns, while featuring special guests like Neha Parikh and Josh D’Amaro.

During Skift’s recent interview with Brian Chesky at the Skift Global Forum, the Airbnb CEO revealed his vision of a new “golden age of travel” wherein remote employees travel to get out of the house in order to seek human connections.

LISTEN NOW: Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky: Reimagining Travel’s Future


21. Good Morning Hospitality

best short term rental podcast

Part of Hospitality.FM, Good Morning Hospitality delivers top news and industry trends from the mouths of experts in the field!

Every Monday morning, listeners receive a weekly dose on a new subject related to the hospitality industry, from acquisitions to investments, and more.

LISTEN NOW: Should Vacation Rental Owners Be Worried About Hotels?


Best for Guest Experience


22. GuestX Podcast

best short term rental podcast

Matthew Loney and Brian Hamaoi tackle all things tech and human-driven initiatives across the hospitality sector in the GuestX Podcast. 

Matthew brings his experience as President and CEO of Xplorie, a leading guest experience platform in the leisure travel industry, while Brian served as a member of the board for the Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association for 3 consecutive years, having also taken GM and VP positions with Bluetent and Ciirus Vacation Rental Software.

LISTEN NOW: Historic Stays with Michael Goldin


23. The Guest Cast 

best short term rental podcast

Next on the list is Touch Stay’s very own podcast, The Guest Cast! Through a mix of discussions with hospitality experts and vacation guests, Touch Stay CEO Andy McNulty and our Queen of Guest Experience Tyann Marcink Hammond, dive into the guest perspective and the transformative power of the hospitality industry.

Andy and Tyann engage listeners through real life guest experiences, inviting operators to apply concepts and ideas to their own holiday rental offerings. 

LISTEN NOW: Alissa Cincotta – Dark Caves and the Louis Vuitton Experience


Best for Advocacy


24. How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business

best short term rental podcast

In this 10-part educational podcast series, Dana Lubner lends a hand in solving vacation rental managers’ biggest concerns and challenges related to unfair regulation. 

In How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business, Dana dishes on all things STR advocacy. From the Colorado Rockies to the Hawaiian islands, advocating for your vacation property is part of creating an exciting guest experience, no matter your location. Learn more about advocating for your STR by tuning in to this actionable podcast series. 

LISTEN NOW: Let Perseverance Be Your Engine and Hope Be Your Fuel


Best for Marketing


25. Heads in Bed Show

best short term rental podcast

For all things related to short term rental marketing, you’ll want to tune into the Heads in Beds Show. Co-hosted by Conrad O’Connell and Paul Manzey, Heads in Beds takes you on a deep dive of all things vacation rental and accommodation marketing.

From doubling your direct bookings with search, to social and email marketing strategies and tactics, you’ll become an STR marketing wiz in no time with this insightful podcast. 

LISTEN NOW: The TRUTH About Running Facebook Ads For Your Vacation Rental Company


Best for Getting Started


26. Behind the Stays

best short term rental podcast

Behind the Stays is a fantastic podcast for newly minted vacation property managers and owners, taking you behind the scenes of your favourite Airbnb properties and how their hosts got started in the industry.

Each week, Spontstayneous Co-Founder Zach Busekrus introduces listeners to a cast of characters from diverse backgrounds who have all in their own unique way, joined the growing community of short term rentals. From chic cabins in the mountains to bohemian bungalows on the beach, these global hosts provide inspiration for you to breathe new life into your property.

Touch Stay’s own Tyann Marcink Hammond recently appeared on Behind the Stays to discuss how she transformed an Ozark bank into a thriving vacation rental property!

LISTEN NOW: She Bought a Bank in the Ozarks and Transformed it into an Airbnb — How Tyann Marcink Builds Regional Vacation Rental Brands.


Additional Favourites


27. Bombshell Business Podcast

best short term rental podcast

Every week Amber Hurdle delivers listeners with lessons and teachings in increasing self-awareness, grounding your personal power, and building confidence and communication skills. 

Amber’s experience working with celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses, and her conversations with female business owners and leaders, makes this podcast a real treat for any business woman looking to up their game.

LISTEN NOW: How a Bombshell Launched a Business & Crushed Sugar Addictions with Amanda Ament


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