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The ultimate guide to wowing your guests


Summer is prime time for vacation rentals, and standing out from the competition requires creating exceptional guest experiences. This guide will show you how to impress your guests from the moment they book to their final farewell. We'll cover personalisation, clear communication, local recommendations, and using technology to simplify their stay, all with the goal of turning your rental into a haven for happy memories.

Wow guests before they arrive

As peak season approaches and vacation rentals fill up, ensure your guests have an unforgettable stay from the moment they book. Here's how to wow them before they even arrive:

  • Welcome book revamp: upgrade your traditional printed welcome book to a digital format with Touch Stay. This allows guests to access information on their phones or tablets anytime, anywhere. Integrate Google Places for automatic updates on addresses and hours of operation for your recommendations.
  • Personalised touches: leverage pre-booking communication to gather information about your guests. Birthdays? Leave a card! Family trip with young children? Have age-appropriate toys waiting. A digital welcome book section dedicated to kids' entertainment can be a huge plus for parents. Consider adding a ‘House Rules’ section with a lighthearted touch, perhaps phrased as friendly reminders instead of strict regulations.

Create a seamless arrival experience


Make check-in a breeze and set the tone for a relaxing stay with a seamless arrival experience:

  • First impressions matter: a handwritten welcome note adds a personal touch, but a template automatically populated with guest names can save you time. Include a QR code linking to your digital guidebook for easy access to all the details. Consider leaving a small welcome basket filled with local treats or basic necessities guests might have forgotten, like bottled water or coffee.
  • Cater to all guests: knowing who's staying allows you to personalise their welcome. If you see families on your booking calendar, stock the property with age-appropriate games or leave a small, welcome gift like a colouring book. For couples on a romantic getaway, a bottle of wine or box of chocolates would be a thoughtful touch.

Strengthen guest connections with local delights

Go beyond the basics of welcoming guests. Here's how to leverage local delights, foster guest communication, and even create easy upsells to boost your revenue:

  • Showcase local flavour: welcome guests with a local treat, supporting local businesses and giving them a taste of the area. Highlight this offering and your favourite local spots in your digital guidebook, encouraging exploration. Touch Stay's integration with Google Maps makes finding these locations a breeze. Consider partnering with a local business to offer guests a discount on their first visit, showcasing the community and creating win-win situations. Learn how to create the perfect Local Area Guide.
  • Create easy upsells: use Touch Stay’s Jotform Custom Element to boost revenue by offering additional services or products, such as a private chef, massages, or simply a range of local or own-branded merch.
  • Facilitate guest communication: encourage guests to share plans using the Google Forms Custom Element, or provide feedback through the digital guidebook's First Impressions feature. This lightens the load on the lead guest and ensures everyone in the group has the information they need. The Google Forms Custom Element can also be used for guests to leave recommendations for restaurants, activities, or hidden gems they discover during their stay. This fosters a sense of community and allows future guests to benefit from the collective knowledge.

Craft unforgettable experiences: small touches for big impact

While the basics are important, it's the thoughtful extras that truly elevate your guest experience. Here's how to go the extra mile and create lasting memories:

  • Exceed expectations: use the booking form to ask why guests are visiting and choose your rental. Celebrating an anniversary? Leave some bubbly! Hikers? Provide a map and recommendations for scenic trails. Small gestures tailored to their reason for staying create lasting impressions. Think outside the box! If you know a guest has a birthday during their stay, consider leaving a small birthday decoration or a handwritten note with a local bakery recommendation.
  • Digital tools for personal touches: a Touch Stay digital guidebook allows you to provide all the necessary information while adding a personal touch with local recommendations. 

The power of imagery

Don't underestimate the power of visual storytelling! Here's how to leverage high-quality photos and videos within your digital guidebook:

  • Add high-quality photos throughout your digital guidebook to showcase the beauty of your rental, the surrounding area, and any amenities you offer.
  • Use videos within your guidebook to explain how to use any complicated appliances. More on how to use videos to bring your guidebook to life.


By incorporating these tips and leveraging the power of Touch Stay's digital guidebooks, you can create personalised experiences that wow your guests and keep them coming back for years to come. Remember, small gestures go a long way, and guests will appreciate the time and effort you put into making their stay special.

Try Touch Stay free for 14 days and discover how easy it is to wow every guest!