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9 inspirational glamping influencers (and how they can help your glamping business)

The glamping industry is booming, and social media is a powerful tool to reach potential guests. But with so much competition, how can you make your glamping business stand out?

From luxurious escapes to budget-friendly camping vibes, we've curated a list of 9 innovative, must-follow glamping influencers to spark your creativity, provide valuable insights into what today's glampers are looking for, and show you how to elevate your brand and attract a whole new wave of guests:

1. The Secret Garden Glamping

With up to a two-year waiting list, The Secret Garden is the most-booked glampsite in the UK - and for good reason… Not only is this multi award-winning Cheshire glamping business a Touch Stay user, but they have a huge following on social media, regularly sharing inspiring photos and videos of their jaw-dropping range of units.

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For additional inspiration, check out this podcast where owner Derry Green shares the incredible story behind his glamping business, the catalysts that caused it to take off so fast, what his key successes have been, and his social media growth strategy.

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    Glamping business - The Secret Garden  Glamping business - The Secret Garden  Glamping business - The Secret Garden

2. Kudhva

Kudhva is a campsite with a difference; offering sustainable holidays in Cornwall with panoramic views of the rugged North Cornish coastline. Follow Kudhva on social media for salty, coastal glamping inspiration and breathtaking sea views from their beautiful, raised, off-grid cabins.

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    Glamping business - Kudhva  Glamping business - Kudhva  Glamping business - Kudhva

3. Sarah Riley

Known for her expertise in launching and promoting glamping businesses and retreats, Touch Stay user Sarah Riley is a significant figure in the glamping community. Sarah runs the Glamping Academy where she offers courses designed to help people start and grow their own glampsites and retreats. Follow Sarah for invaluable tips, insights, and strategies that you can apply to your own glamping business.

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    Glamping business - Sarah Riley  Glamping business - Sarah Riley  Glamping business - Sarah Riley


4. Fresh Off The Grid 

While not strictly confined to glamping, Fresh Off The Grid’s Megan and Michael focus on cooking delicious meals in outdoor settings - essential for camping and glamping enthusiasts. This duo covers everything from mouth-watering recipes and instructional guides, to outdoor gear reviews. If you offer guests meals at your glampsite, Fresh Off The Grid is a must-follow for camp cooking inspiration.

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    Glamping business - Fresh off the grid  Glamping business - Fresh off the grid  Glamping business - Fresh off the grid

5. Camp Kátur Glamping

Camp Kátur is a glamping resort in Kirklington, North Yorkshire, offering 31 luxurious cabins beautifully placed across 300 acres. Their social media pages are filled with gorgeous shots of their unique glamping hideaways, outdoor gym, woodland playground, and wedding venues, and provide a handy opportunity to see what kind of content resonates with potential glamping guests. They also host bushcraft activities, which are a great way for glamping business owners to attract guests looking for a unique and outdoorsy experience.

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    Glamping business - Camp Katur  Glamping business - Camp Katur 

6. Valley Views Glamping

Based in Otiake, New Zealand, Valley Views Glamping posts fantastic content on their socials that glamping business owners can learn a whole lot from. Their photos showcase the beautiful scenery around their glamping sites, providing inspiration for your own glamping business’ location or even social media content. Follow Valley Views Glamping to glean ideas for creating a super relaxed atmosphere for your guests.

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    Glamping business - Valley Views Glamping  Glamping business - valley views glamping 


While itself is an OTA specialising in marketing one-of-a-kind glamping experiences around the world, their social media channels provide a huge variety of highly curated, stunning photos and videos where glamping business owners can find real inspiration. Follow them for beautiful decor ideas, plus learn what amenities are popular with glampers, like fireplaces, hot tubs, and scenic views.

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    Glamping business -  Glamping business -  Glamping business -

8. Glamping Hub

Glamping Hub is a treasure trove of inspiration for glamping business owners on social media. Follow for stunning visuals showcasing unique glamping accommodation around the world. This can spark ideas for your own glampsite's amenities, website, or even photography style. Glamping Hub also shares industry news, tips on marketing your glamping business, and even success stories from other glamping hosts - all of which can help keep you on the pulse of what glampers are looking for.

Glamping Hub

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    Glamping business - glamping hub  Glamping business - glamping hub  Glamping business - glamping hub

9. Sleepy Owl

Sleepy Owl's social pages offer a captivating window into their idyllic Devon glamping site, showcasing the perfect blend of luxury and outdoor living. Expect to be wowed by stunning visuals of their luxurious cowshed and treehouses nestled amidst nature, complete with comfy furniture and thoughtful amenities. Oh, and did we mention they’re a Touch Stay user, too? 😉
Follow Sleepy Owl for a masterclass in glamping comfort and to glean ideas for creating an inviting atmosphere for your own glamping guests. You might even catch glimpses of their glamping packages or special offers, sparking inspiration for your own marketing strategies.

Sleepy Owl Glamping

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Following these inspiring glamping influencers will not only spark your creativity, but also provide valuable insights into guest preferences and industry trends. By understanding what resonates with potential glampers, you can tailor your offerings and marketing strategies to attract more guests and elevate your glamping business to new heights.

Bonus tip: don't just follow – engage! Leave comments, ask questions, and participate in discussions with these influencers and their audiences. Building connections within the glamping community is a powerful way to gain exposure and establish your brand as a leader in the industry.

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