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Airbnb guidebook template: how to organise information

As a short-term rental host, providing an exceptional guest experience is paramount. One of the best ways to allow guests to feel welcome, comfortable, informed and empowered is with an Airbnb digital guidebook.

If you’re new to hosting guests at your property, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of Airbnb guidebook examples available to help you get going. But before you dive into the world of creating your Airbnb guidebook template, it’s crucial to spend a little time thinking about the essential information your guests will need to have a seamless experience during their stay. 

This guide will walk you through the very first steps you need to take to organise your information effectively in your Airbnb digital guidebook, ensuring your guests' time at your property is unforgettable. 

How to organise your Airbnb guidebook information

If you’re gearing up to create your very own Airbnb guidebook, remember that it’s all about making your guest’s stay as smooth as possible. Before you start adding every detail about every aspect of your property, it’s important to get the basics down first. So, the best way to organise all your Airbnb guest guidebook information is to open up a Word document, or get out a pad and pen, and start listing the key information. 

Below we have given you a detailed structure of what should be included to get you started. To save you from having to refer back to this blog when you're creating your own list, download our free Airbnb guidebook template checklist, so you can focus on adding your personal touches without stressing about forgetting something important.

Airbnb guidebook template: welcome

  • About you

Introduce yourself, explaining that you’re a dedicated host who understands the importance of offering a memorable stay. Make it clear that your mission is to make their visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

  • Contact details

Communication is key, so let your guests know how they can reach out to you at any point during their stay. Whether it’s a specific question about working the TV, or they want the lowdown on a local restaurant, reassure them that no question is too big or small. 

  • Social media accounts

If applicable, let your guests know they can follow your social media channels for updates, local insights and special offers.  

Airbnb guidebook template: before you leave home

  • Property address

Provide the address and mention how Touch Stay integrates with Google Maps to make navigation a breeze. If your property is tricky to find, give helpful tips on what they should be looking for. 

  • Accommodation overview

Let guests know what they can expect to find at your property, for example, a garden, hot tub, or PlayStation. Be sure to list anything they may need to bring that you don’t provide, such as towels or chargers. 

Airbnb guidebook template: arrival & departure information

  • Check-in times and procedures

Explain that you aim to make their check-in process as smooth as possible, so clearly state the time they can gain access to your property, and whether or not you will be there to greet them.

  • Check-out times and procedures

Politely request that they adhere to the check-out time you’ve agreed on, and mention any late check-out options (if you offer this).

  • Parking/garage details

If your guest is arriving by car, let them know what parking facilities your property offers, or direct them to any nearby off-site parking.

Airbnb guidebook template: general property information

  • Property history

Some guests like to know more about the property they’re staying in, so here you can add details like the year it was built or any notable past guests.

  • Inside the property

List all the facilities, appliances and entertainment your property has to offer, such as the TV, oven, washing machine, sound system, central heating/air conditioning, books, DVDs, etc. 

  • Outside the property

Again, list all the great things your guests can enjoy while outside your property, like the garden, swimming pool, hot tub, BBQ, etc.

  • House rules

Let your guests know your policies on cleaning and where any cleaning products are kept, plus your policies on additional guests, pets and smoking. Additionally, make your guests aware of any additional services you offer, such as laundry or whether you have a safe available for storing valuables. You should also mention if there are any noise restrictions in place, such as quiet hours or community noise rules.

  • Useful contact numbers

For your guests’ convenience, provide a list of essential numbers they might need during their stay. This includes yours, your cleaner, your property manager, and any local emergency services.

Airbnb guidebook template: specific property details 

  • Wi-Fi access

Clearly display your network name and password to let guests connect to your WiFi network quickly and easily.

  • Appliance instructions

Provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the TV, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. 

  • Heating/cooling

Give clear instructions for the heating system, thermostat or air conditioners. Providing diagrams is usually a good way of clearly explaining how these appliances work.

  • Waste disposal

Be sure to include details on when to put the bins out, as well as a reminder of what should go in each bin. 

  • Security

This one’s important. Make sure you provide precise and straightforward information on alarm systems, door locks, and property security features.

Airbnb guidebook template: safety information & accidents

  • Outdoor safety

Explain to your guests that their safety is your number one priority. Let them know to be mindful of any outdoor hazards, such as uneven terrain or slippery surfaces.

  • Damage policy

Accidents happen, so ask your guests to inform you immediately of any breakages. Here, you can also provide a link to your fair and transparent damage policy. 

  • Health and safety information

 Include a link to a health and safety guide, and ask your guests to familiarise themselves with it in case of emergencies.

What else to include in your Airbnb guidebook?

Once you've got the basics covered, it's time to think about what makes your place special. You’re expected to be your local area expert, so make a list of all the unmissable local highlights you know your guests will love. 

Maybe you've got insider tips on the best restaurants or hidden gems in the neighbourhood. Or perhaps there are house rules and quirks that your guests should know about – like if there’s a knack to working the shower or where to find the extra blankets. 

Whatever you choose to include, do your best to cover all bases in your Airbnb guidebook. Showcase your area’s natural beauty, encouraging guests to get out and explore the best your area has to offer.

Feel free to get creative with it! Your Airbnb digital guidebook is a chance to show off your personality and make your guests feel right at home. So don't be afraid to sprinkle in some personal touches or fun anecdotes about your space. 

If you're not the creative type, don’t worry! There are plenty of Airbnb guidebook examples on our website to inspire you. Take a peek at what other hosts are doing and see what you like.

Local area guide

Your guests will likely venture out for food during their stay, so you could include a section in your Airbnb digital guidebook about the best food and drink in your area. This way, they can indulge in your local culinary scene with confidence.

  • Make personal recommendations

List your favourite local restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, and picnic spots. Be sure to include your favourite dishes so nobody is left with food envy!

  • Shopping

Share the locations of nearby supermarkets, shopping centres, and unique local shops such as artisanal shops or local boutiques.

  • Local activities

Note down all the fun things to do and beautiful places nearby, including walks, beaches, cycle routes, parks, museums, theatres, shopping, amusement parks, golf courses, etc. If you’ve got any specific recommendations for guests with children or pets, throw those in too.

  • Practical list

As well as personal recommendations for activities and dining out in the area, create a list of local places your guests will find useful. Include things like the nearest supermarket, bank/ATM, petrol station, post office, medical services, pharmacy, places of worship, and late-night convenience stores.

Check out this blog to learn how to create the perfect local area guide.

Local transport options

Depending on how your guests arrive and travel during their stay, you’ll need to create a list in your Airbnb guidebook of all available transport options to help them get around.

  • Car rental information

Provide a list of a few local car rental companies, to allow guests to compare prices.

  • Public transport

Compile a list of online bus and train timetables for popular routes.

  • Cycling

Add in local cycle routes with details such as difficulty levels and length. You should also include links to anywhere that rents bikes.

  • Taxis

Offer a range of numbers for local taxi services.

  • Stations

List all the nearby airports, train and bus stations, as well as directions to each place. 

  • Driving rules

If your guests are arriving from another country and are using a car during their stay, remind them which side of the road to drive on!


Once you've written your initial list of key information for your guests, it's time to take it to the next level. With a Touch Stay digital guidebook, you can provide detailed instructions for anything on your list and beyond. 

From linking to your hot tub's instruction manual to creating a personalised video demonstrating how to operate every gadget in your home, the possibilities are endless. Your Airbnb digital guidebook is fully customisable, ensuring your guests have all the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Whether you're renting out your home, your glamping site, or your campervan, Touch Stay offers an Airbnb guidebook template for every type of business, empowering you to provide the best guest experience possible. 

Say goodbye to endless guest questions and reclaim your time by trying Touch Stay for free for 14 days! It's the ultimate tool to elevate your hosting game and ensure your guests have a truly memorable stay.

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