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Attracting business travellers to vacation rentals

Vacation rentals offer so much more than hotel rooms.

More space, a comfortable setting, convenient laundry and fluffy beds make rentals feel more like home than their one-room counterparts. However, business travellers have still historically chosen the reliability and safety of chain hotels for their conferences and work related trips. That is, until now.

According to the Economist, people travelling for work make up 10% of Airbnb guests and that number is growing rapidly. Who wouldn’t prefer a cozy home setting to a cramped, dull hotel room? So how can you appeal to this growing population? The takeaway is that these guests require some essentials that other visitors don’t:

1. The Bare Necessities

Think of an office setting: your guests will need super fast (and super free) WiFi, and the oh-so-important coffee maker. Since the average business trip is 4-6 days, business guests will most likely require on-site laundry. Free, close parking and easy check-in and check-out are also crucial.

Anything that streamlines your guest’s trip, making it more efficient, will encourage them to book with you.

2. Make Location a Priority

It can be tough to remember to include your proximity to relevant business centers, since it’s easy to focus on tourism destinations only. Research where conferences, trade shows and airports are in your area, and map the distances from your rental in your listing.

These guests will typically be sorting by location in the first place, so help make their search even easier.

3. Competitive Pricing

Guests are shopping around for a reasonable cost that is comparable to, or lower than the local hotels. Business travellers will also typically need a receipt that shows a zero balance due at the time of their trip, which is how most companies expense their employee’s travelling fees.

According to USA Today, the same principle applies to corporate travellers abandoning taxis and rental cars in 2015, while doubling their usage of Uber and Lyft rides: guests are looking for convenience, quality and cost effectiveness.


4. A Little Flexibility Goes A Long Way

Guests truly appreciate when they are offered more amenities than a hotel.

TripAdvisor states that adjustable check-in times, an outdoor space, a pet-friendly unit and a full kitchen made guests 50% more likely to book. Just having one of those conveniences sets you apart from a hotel.

5. A Relevant (and Digital) Welcome Book

There is certain information that those traveling for business are looking for that should be addressed in your guest welcome book. Make it easy for them to find that reliable restaurant (and local happy hours!) or to land that on-the-go breakfast. And don’t forget important transport details to and from the airport.

Never underestimate the power of educating your guests about the surrounding area, especially those who have limited time to explore. For example, business types will also likely bring their running gear. Tips on nearby jogging routes or pay-as-you-go gym access are little extras that will impress!

In summary, if you make it your business to appeal and communicate to the business traveller market, you can land some low maintenance bookings!