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Wow your guests before they arrive: unlocking the magic of Matterport 3D Tours

As a short term rental host, you strive to create unforgettable experiences for your guests. You pour your heart into crafting a welcoming space, stocking it with thoughtful amenities, and ensuring every detail whispers "home away from home." But let's face it, that initial "wow" moment can sometimes get lost in the weeks or months between booking and arrival. How do you keep the excitement simmering, answer burning questions without bombarding them with emails, and make their arrival seamless and stress-free?

Enter Touch Stay's magic wand: seamless integration with Matterport 3D Virtual Tours. This powerhouse duo isn't just about showcasing your property; it's about teleporting your guests into the heart of their holiday before they even pack their bags. Buckle up, hosts, because we're about to dive into the transformative power of Matterport and how it benefits both you and your guests.

Don't forget: you can click or tap any image below to see how Sykes Lodge and Lakeside Manor have used Matterport 3D Tours to turn their Touch Stay digital guidebooks into immersive guest experiences.

Create an immersive guest experience

Imagine booking your dream getaway. The anticipation builds but you find yourself poring over grainy photos, trying to stitch together a mental image of the property: will the kids have space to play in the living room? Is that hallway wide enough for my wheelchair? Will the "cosy bedroom" feel more like a cramped cupboard?

With flat photos and distorting fisheye lenses, it's easy for guests to get lost in a sea of unknowns. But what if you could ditch the guesswork and let them step into the space itself, virtually?

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours offer exactly that: an immersive experience that transports guests right into the heart of the property. It's not just about seeing static images; it's about virtually wandering through each room, getting a true sense of size, layout, and atmosphere. Let guests picture themselves curling up by a crackling fireplace in the living room, or envision the laughter echoing through the game room as they plan family game nights.

No more blurry snapshots or distorted angles leaving guests wondering what awaits. With a Matterport tour, they can explore every nook and cranny, ensuring their arrival is filled with pure, unadulterated anticipation instead of nervous surprises.Matterport Custom Element - Lakeside Manor

Large group holiday preparation made easy

Planning a getaway with a large group can be an exercise in chaos. Imagine the scramble to claim rooms, the whispered arguments over who gets the best view, and the frantic last-minute room changes. Matterport 3D Virtual Tours can turn that chaos into calm.

Gone are the days of endless text message chains and frustrated phone calls trying to coordinate preferences. Simply share the Matterport tour embedded in your Touch Stay guidebook with everyone in the group, and let them explore and choose their havens at their own pace. They can virtually wander through each room, assess the size and amenities, and make informed decisions based on their individual requirements.

This transparency eliminates the potential for conflict and ensures everyone feels comfortable and confident with their selections. Imagine the relief of a smooth, predetermined room allocation process, where everyone arrives knowing exactly what to expect and can focus on the excitement of the trip itself. No more stress, no more last-minute changes – just seamless planning and a happy group ready to enjoy their well-deserved getaway.

From virtual tourist to local insider

Your Matterport 3D Tour isn't just a static map, but an interactive treasure trove waiting to be explored. Notes can be strategically placed at hotspots throughout your 3D Tour for guests to discover the property's fascinating history, curated Spotify playlists that perfectly capture the ambience of your property, or even hidden board game collections waiting to be unleashed.

But it doesn't stop there. Imagine insider tips on using the hot tub like a pro, recommendations for the best local restaurants, or even a virtual tour of nearby hidden gems, all accessible within your 3D tour. It's not just a tour; it's a personalised adventure that transforms guests from passive observers into engaged insiders.

These interactive elements go beyond mere information; they create a connection to the property and its surroundings. Guests don't just see the space; they experience it, gaining invaluable knowledge and local secrets that elevate their stay from ordinary to extraordinary. So, ditch the traditional tourist experience and embrace the insider feeling: explore, discover, and create memories that go far beyond the expected.Matterport Custom Element - Sykes Lodge

Peace of mind for all guests: explore virtually, plan confidently

Guests with accessibility needs often have concerns about accommodation suitability. A Matterport 3D Virtual Tour eliminates that stress, offering an empowering tool for confident planning.

Navigate effortlessly with the interactive 3D environment to explore room layouts, doorways, and potential obstacles from the comfort of your own home. Ensure a smooth stay and let guests focus on relaxation from the moment they arrive.

But it doesn't stop there. Matterport’s unique virtual measuring tool lets guests precisely measure any item or property feature within the tour. Whether they need to confirm wheelchair accessibility, check if bulky luggage or equipment fits, or simply visualise the space, this tool puts them in control.

Click or tap the image below to try it for yourself!Matterport virtual measuring tool

Forget floor plans, explore in 3D: Matterport's multiview options make getaway planning fun

No more flat photos and static descriptions! With a Matterport 3D Tour, your guests embark on a multidimensional journey through your property. Here's how:

  • Fly high with a bird’s-eye view

Imagine taking off and gazing at your property from above. That's the magic of the Matterport bird’s-eye view! Guests can effortlessly swipe around the entire space, zooming in on specific rooms or catching details like cosy fireplaces or stunning artwork. Need a closer look? Simply double tap to ‘drop down’ into any area for an immersive ground-level perspective.Matterport 3D Tour - Sykes Lodge

  • Walk the halls in first-person view

Want guests to feel like they're actually there? Matterport’s first-person view takes you on an HD virtual stroll through your property. Just like real life, guests can navigate seamlessly, swiping their way from room to room, panning left and right, and zooming in on anything that sparks their curiosity - creating the perfect way to visualise the flow of the space.Matterport 3D Tour - Sykes Lodge

More than just a look around, it's an experience

Touch Stay’s Matterport integration isn’t just about showcasing your property; it’s about building excitement and connection. Guests can explore at their own pace, discovering hidden nooks, picturing themselves enjoying the amenities, and arriving with a clear understanding of the space. This translates to smoother check-ins, fewer questions, and ultimately, happier, more prepared guests – a win-win for both you and them!

Share the excitement, share the ease: planning together with Touch Stay and Matterport

Booking a dream getaway is just the beginning. The real magic happens in the anticipation, the shared daydreams of lazy mornings by the pool or epic game nights in the living room. But how do guests capture that excitement and ensure everyone in their group is on the same page?

With a single click, guests can grant instant access to your Touch Stay digital guidebook containing your personalised Matterport 3D Tour to everyone in their group.

Share your Touch Stay x Matterport guidebook

Your guidebook becomes the central hub for shared planning and anticipation. The seamlessly embedded Matterport tour isn't just a static map; it's a launchpad for shared dreams and collaborative excitement. No more relying on forgotten websites or scattered emails – the information lives with your guests’ group, accessible anytime, anywhere.

With Matterport and Touch Stay, guests can ditch the information silos and embrace the power of shareability to transform planning a getaway into a shared adventure, building anticipation and ensuring everyone arrives ready to create unforgettable memories. 

Forget the limitations of static photos and step into the future of short term rentals. Give your guests the gift of pre-stay immersion and watch your reviews soar! Start exploring Touch Stay's Matterport integration today and unlock the magic of truly captivating your guests.

Try Matterport 3D Tours with a Touch Stay 14-day free trial