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Use our Spotify Custom Element to weave music into your guests' stay

Gone are the days of generic, unimaginative printed guest welcome books. We’re revolutionising the short-term rental experience with our fully customisable digital guidebooks - and with our new Spotify playlist integration, your hospitality game just got a serious upgrade!

Imagine seamlessly weaving music into every step of your guests' journey, setting the perfect mood for every moment of their stay, and all from the comfort of your Touch Stay dashboard. Let's dive into how you can use Spotify playlists to transform your rental into a haven of personalised vibes.

Bring your guidebook to life with curated playlists

Music has the magical ability to set a mood, spark nostalgia, and excite people about their holiday before they even arrive. Touch Stay’s new Custom Elements feature allows you to inject your personality and the spirit of your brand into every stage of the guest experience by embedding personalised Spotify playlists into any section of your guidebook, and matched to every part of your guests’ stay. 

Get ready to make packing, travelling and enjoying your place more fun than ever!

Plan ahead and build excitement

Remember the anticipation buzzing before a trip? Amplify that feeling by curating a personalised playlist that encapsulates the excitement of exploring a new place and share it with guests via SMS or email using Memo, Touch Stay’s free guest communication tool once they’ve booked. 

Memo lets you schedule the lead time of your messages, so on the day your guests will be travelling, send another ‘Journey’ or ‘Arrival’ playlist full of songs that evoke the thrill of travel, having fun, and the joy of finally arriving at your beautiful rental.

These will reinforce brand values and set the tone for a positive experience before they even step foot in the door.

Embrace the seasons with musical magic

Holidays, seasonal events, and local festivities offer golden opportunities to personalise your playlist game. Swap out your everyday tunes for a joyful Christmas playlist during the holidays, or curate a romantic acoustic Valentine's Day mix for cosy evenings by the fire. 

Let the music reflect the changing seasons and the vibe of upcoming events, adding a layer of festive cheer or local spirit to your guests' stay.

Become a local music guru

Showcase the musical talent thriving in your neighbourhood! Feature Spotify playlists highlighting local artists or even popular genres specific to your city. This is a great opportunity to share music that reflects the culture, lifestyle, or landscape around your vacation rental. Not only does this support your local music scene but also positions you as a knowledgeable insider, enhancing your guests' connection to your community.

If guests are visiting during a local music festival or popular band’s tour, build some excitement by sharing related playlists too. 

Take inspiration from Touch Stay’s Head of Product & Partner Marketing, Emma, as she effortlessly curates a special Taylor Swift playlist for her guests in her Barcelona guide, turning her rental into a music lover's dream. Click the example below to see and hear Emma's Spotify playlist in action:

Custom Elements - Spotify

Beyond the tunes: podcasts and inspiration

Touch Stay allows you to embed more than just Spotify playlists. Do you or your friends host a podcast? Share it with your guests! Offer local audio tours or curated interviews with interesting local residents. The possibilities are endless. If it’s on Spotify - you can add it to your guidebook!

Think of it as extending your hospitality beyond the physical space, offering guests a chance to immerse themselves in the stories, sounds, and personalities that make your city or town special.

The power of personalisation

The beauty of using Spotify playlists in your Touch Stay guidebook lies in the ability to tailor them to your specific property and guest types. Consider the demographics of your typical guest, the vibe you want to create, and the activities or attractions you highlight. 

  • Craft a ‘Morning Sunshine’ playlist to greet guests on their first wake-up at your place with uplifting tunes.
  • Curate a ‘Local flavours’ playlist featuring your favourite musicians from your destination.
  • Do you host budget-conscious backpackers? Create an indie-rock playlist for a lively atmosphere. 
  • Cater to families with young children? Fill their arrival with a cheerful kids' music mix.  

Let the music tell the story of your space, your taste, and the unique atmosphere you've created. Every detail, including the music, should reflect your personal brand of hospitality. If inspiration doesn’t strike when curating your own playlists, don’t worry - Spotify has thousands of pre-made playlists for you to choose from, some likely made by Spotify users in your area.

Touch Stay empowers you to turn your rental into a sensory experience, weaving music into the fabric of your guests' stay. So put on your DJ… er… hat(?!), embrace the possibilities, and watch your hospitality soar to new heights - one perfectly curated playlist at a time.

Remember, the key is to have fun, be creative, and let the music do the talking. With Touch Stay and Spotify together, you’ll create an unforgettable, personalised experience that your guests will thank you for with great reviews, recommendations and repeat visits!

Try Touch Stay today and start curating your own Spotify playlists!