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The best employee onboarding software, tools and apps

The employee onboarding process plays a pivotal role in shaping an individual's experience and determining how they engage with an organisation. In today's digital age, technology now plays a core role in increasing efficiency and creating an effective onboarding process. Before diving into our list of the best employee onboarding software, check out our How to onboard a new employee blog.

Starting a new job should be an exciting journey, not a maze of paperwork and confusion. This article is your ultimate guide to the best onboarding software.

By harnessing the power of technology, we delve into the realm of effective onboarding with the best onboarding platforms and employee onboarding software. Our selection criteria? User experience, integration capabilities and customisation options.

We'll discuss the intricacies of employee onboarding software, exploring platforms based on criteria like user experience, integration capabilities, and customisation options. Get ready to elevate your onboarding experience and set the stage for seamless integration and workplace success.

What is employee onboarding software? 

Employee onboarding software is the linchpin of an effective onboarding process, ensuring a stress-free welcome for new hires. These software solutions come in various forms, each catering to different aspects of the employee onboarding process. 

  • Comprehensive onboarding suites: these function as all-in-one marvels, overseeing the entire onboarding lifecycle with efficiency and ease. 

  • Learning management systems (LMS): these zoom in on the training and development aspects, fostering a culture of continuous learning. 

  • HR information systems (HRIS): these integrate the employee onboarding process into broader HR functions like payroll and benefits management, creating a unified experience. 

  • Specialised onboarding tools: for those wanting something a little more specific, specialised onboarding tools zone in on particular tasks such as document management, task assignment, or social integration. 

When it comes to employee onboarding software, these diverse solutions collectively transform the employee onboarding process into the perfect combination of integration and efficiency. 

Why invest in employee onboarding software?

In this digital era, traditional onboarding methods can feel rather outdated, vulnerable to paperwork pitfalls and time-consuming processes. Enter employee onboarding software, a game-changer in the search for an effective onboarding process. 

An employee onboarding process that doesn’t utilise technology can face many challenges, from the stress of managing manual paperwork to disjointed processes. Research suggests that an average of $20 is spent per paper on filing, $120 is spent on looking for lost documents, and $220 is spent on recreating lost documents

Employers will find their solution to these challenges in the streamlined efficiency of electronic employee onboarding. Beyond the obvious advantage of saving time, investing in employee onboarding software is a strategic move that rewards employee engagement, process efficiency, and compliance management. 

These tools not only refine the employee onboarding process but also foster a sense of connection and engagement from day one. The link between onboarding and employee retention is significant; when employees experience an effective onboarding process, they are more likely to stay the course. Strong onboarding processes can improve new hire retention by 82%, according to research by Brandon Hall group.

Moreover, the ripple effect extends to productivity, with a seamlessly onboarded workforce hitting the ground running, contributing to company goals with enthusiasm and efficiency. In fact, research shows that 62% of businesses that have effective onboarding programs witness a 54% increase in employee engagement and have a higher time-to-productivity ratio.

Considering the benefits, it may shock you to learn that 76% of HR professionals reported that their organisations underutilise employee onboarding practices, and 35% of companies spend nothing on onboarding new employees.

Essentially, investing in the right employee onboarding tools facilitates the perfect blend of engagement, retention, and productivity which will hugely elevate your employee onboarding process.

Key features to look for in employee onboarding tools 

When navigating the vast realm of employee onboarding software, there are certain key features companies should look for which will guide them towards a more effective onboarding process. 

  • User-friendly interface: this aspect ensures that the onboarding journey is both intuitive and accessible.
  • Customisation options: this allows companies to tailor the employee onboarding process to their unique culture and needs.
  • Integration capabilities: this bridges the gap between onboarding tools and existing systems, enabling a seamless flow of information.
  • Automation of paperwork and processes: this hugely reduces the administrative burden and paves the way for an efficient electronic employee onboarding experience.

  • Reporting and analytics: this provides valuable insights, transforming data into actionable strategies for continuous improvement.

Collectively, these features optimise efficiency, making the employee onboarding process a stress-free journey that sets the stage for a harmonious and effective integration into the company’s organisational fabric.

Employee onboarding software: our top 9

1. Bamboo HR

The best employee onboarding software for startups, BambooHR offers extensive customisation for new hires, breaking down details like job roles, departments, and locations. Onboarding tasks are automated, easing the process for new employees, managers, and other team members. 

The platform's simplicity and customisation provide a unique user experience, with templates for role-specific onboarding guides. BambooHR integrates seamlessly with popular HR platforms like Workday, LinkedIn, Google, Slack, and Microsoft. Pricing details are available through calls, allowing tailored quotes for companies who are interested.

2. Rippling

Rippling, an employee management platform, streamlines onboarding with administrative data entry, payroll, benefits enrolment, and learning modules. Electronic documentation eliminates the need for traditional paperwork, enabling instant e-signatures. 

The platform's full suite manages device setup, configuration, security, and monitoring, ensuring workplace apps are installed and password-protected pre-desk. IT tools include team password management with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. 

With integration capabilities extending to over 400+ apps, including Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, and Asana, Rippling is a top onboarding software, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient onboarding and IT management.

3. Zenefits

Zenefits offers an integrated platform for teams, particularly suitable for those seeking employee onboarding software with benefits management. The streamlined onboarding process, achievable within ten minutes per new hire, includes features like background checks, e-signature offer letters, and set up for full-time employees, contractors, and freelancers. 

However, for small businesses and startups, the cost might outweigh the benefits, considering the abundance of features they may not fully use. Zenefits pricing includes various plans, starting with the Essentials plan at $8 per month per employee, with payroll, benefits, and recruiting as optional add-ons.

4. Namely

Namely is an invaluable asset for mid-sized businesses seeking a seamless employee onboarding process. Tailored for specific teams, Namely's employee onboarding software offers uncompromising features, including e-verify integration for eSignatures, a user-friendly mobile app for onboarding convenience, and tools for posting job ads and tracking candidates.

Its onboarding features ensure a swift process meeting standard business requirements. Pricing details are available through a call, allowing for a customised quote based on the size of your team. Namely is some of the best onboarding software for mid-sized businesses aiming for efficient and tailored employee onboarding.

5. GoCo

GoCo, an all-in-one HR software, streamlines onboarding with a digital-centred approach. The platform's e-signature feature in online offer letters, onboarding checklists, and benefits enrolment ensures a hassle-free onboarding experience. 

Beyond onboarding, GoCo offers a comprehensive HR platform for payroll, compliance, and performance management. Notable features include automated workflows and ‘Magic Docs’, a proprietary technology converting documents into fillable forms. 

Integrations with applicant tracking systems like JazzHR, Greenhouse, and various other tools enhance efficiency. Additional pre-configured integrations cover tools such as Notion, Basecamp, Zoom, QuickBooks, Checkr, and Twilio. With a paid subscription to Zapier, users also gain access to thousands of other applications. When it comes to an all-rounder, this is some of the best employee onboarding software there is.

6. Trakstar

Trakstar Learn, a cloud-based learning management system, expedites and enhances the employee onboarding process for employers. With customisable courses, real-time analytics, and automated reminders, Trakstar ensures an effective onboarding process. 

Its user-friendly interface and customisable dashboard contribute to a seamless user experience. Notable features include business analytics, providing real-time data through onboarding surveys, and integrations with leading HR technologies like ADP Workforce Now, Azure Active Directory, BambooHR, Google Workspace, Office365, Okta, and Slack. 

Trakstar's comprehensive platform accelerates and improves onboarding efficiency while offering predictive HR forecasting and cohesive integration of diverse data sources. A tailored solution for seamless onboarding, Trakstar Learn prioritises customisation, analytics, and integration.

7. Leapsome

Leapsome's employee onboarding software harmonises learning, engagement, and performance, trusted by companies like Spotify and Northvolt. It facilitates a continuous cycle of performance management and personalised learning. Notable features include customisable content sequencing for specific teams, team lead control over learning pace, and the ability to define intervals and milestones. 

Leapsome also allows you to design quizzes to assess learning effectiveness and integrates seamlessly with HRIS systems, SSO, and other workflow tools. Leapsome stands out for its tailored onboarding approach, offering a dynamic and integrated employee onboarding solution.

8. ClearCompany

ClearCompany, a top-tier talent management system, covers the entire employee lifecycle, offering modules for tracking, hiring, onboarding, engagement, performance management, and analytics. This well-rounded employee onboarding software also streamlines paperless onboarding with automated delivery, tracking, and storage of forms. Organisations can also save time and money using ClearCompany’s ‘Smart forms’, which reduce errors by pre-filling and validating data. 

The platform's compliance management tools include employment eligibility checks, background verification, and support for digital signatures. Integrations extend to tools for background checks, skill assessments, calendars, job postings, payroll, benefits, and single sign-on applications. ClearCompany is certainly some of the best employee onboarding software, offering a comprehensive and efficient solution for talent management.

9. Touch Stay

Digital guidebooks have emerged as a valuable aspect of employee onboarding software, offering a user-friendly interface and many customisable options to redefine the onboarding experience. Touch Stay provides an employee onboarding web-based app, allowing companies to organise all information, across various mediums, into one user-friendly digital space. 

With an intuitive design, these digital guidebooks streamline the orientation process, ensuring a smooth navigation for new hires. The user-friendly interface contributes to a positive onboarding journey, as employees can easily access and refer back to essential information about company policies, procedures, and culture. 

Customisation options empower organisations to tailor guidebooks according to their unique needs, aligning the onboarding process with the specific nuances of their workplace. This personalisation not only enhances engagement but also fosters a sense of connection and relevance for new employees. 

In the realm of employee onboarding, digital guidebook apps stand out as a tech-savvy and user-centric solution, paving the way for a more interactive, efficient, and personalised onboarding experience.

How to choose the right onboarding software for your business 

Choosing the right employee onboarding software for your company is really important, so there are certain things that should be considered before taking the plunge. Begin with a deep dive into your business's unique characteristics – size, industry nuances, specific onboarding needs, and financial constraints. Most importantly, ensure that the chosen software will be able to integrate with existing systems.

Be sure to make use of demos and free trials. These hands-on experiences offer a glimpse into the software's functionality and compatibility with your business needs. Supplement these trials with user reviews; the applause or concerns from companies that have previously used these employee onboarding tools will provide you with invaluable perspectives on the practical application of the software. 

The best employee onboarding software is the one that complements your business's rhythm, offering a blend of adaptability and functionality and guiding you towards a successful onboarding process. 

Implementing onboarding software: best practices 

Implementing employee onboarding software requires a thoughtful approach to align technology with the makeup of your organisation. Tailor the software to integrate with your company culture, emphasising customisation for a more organic fit within your existing workflows. Provide comprehensive training for HR staff and managers to empower them as proficient leaders in the employee onboarding process.

Instead of viewing the implementation as a one-time event, establish feedback loops for continuous improvement, using insights from employees and managers. A successful employee onboarding plan is an ongoing, dynamic initiative that evolves over time. By employing the right employee onboarding tools and adhering to best practices, your company can cultivate an impactful and successful onboarding process that creates a positive experience for new team members. 


When it comes to employee onboarding software, choosing the right tools is paramount to guarantee you’re enhancing both employee experience and operational efficiency within your organisation. 

As you navigate the landscape of employee onboarding tools, consider your specific needs and organisational goals. Top onboarding software will provide you with a transformative and efficient onboarding experience that aligns with your company’s vision and enhances new employee integration and engagement.


At Touch Stay, our digital guidebooks can be used as employee onboarding software to create comprehensive and user-friendly resources that will incorporate all the best practices for onboarding new employees. 

Start your free trial now to see how you can create an onboarding resource that will revolutionise the way new employees are integrated into your company.