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Touch Stay: championing sustainability in the hospitality industry

The travel and hospitality industry, while fostering exploration and connection, also carries a significant environmental impact. Recognising this responsibility, Touch Stay is taking a proactive stance. We've acknowledged the climate emergency and joined Tourism Declares, an initiative dedicated to reducing carbon emissions within the tourism sector.

Leading by example: transparency and action

At Touch Stay, we believe in leading by example. We've adopted a transparent approach by calculating our carbon footprint. This includes emissions from our remote work practices and any necessary business travel.

  • To offset these emissions, we've partnered with Ecologi, a respected reforestation organisation known for its commitment to responsible tree planting.
  • Through Ecologi, we plant enough trees each month to neutralise our carbon footprint.
  • Our goal is to become carbon negative within the next two years, further minimising our environmental impact.

Empowering hosts: sustainable practices for every vacation rental

We understand that sustainability is a shared responsibility. That's why we've equipped Touch Stay users with tools to promote eco-friendly practices in their vacation rentals.

The Making a Difference section:

This innovative addition to the Touch Stay guidebook allows hosts to highlight sustainable features of their properties.

    • From energy-efficient appliances to locally sourced amenities, hosts can showcase their commitment to environmental responsibility.
    • This empowers guests to make eco-conscious choices during their stay, fostering a ripple effect of positive environmental impact.

Making a difference

Collaboration is key: sharing best practices

Sustainability isn't a solo endeavour. Touch Stay encourages its users to share their sustainability initiatives. We invite you to:

  • Email us about your eco-friendly practices! We're eager to learn from our community and share your innovations with a wider audience.
  • Consider joining Tourism Declares. This initiative connects you with a travel industry community focused on combating climate change.
    • By sharing best practices and collaborating on solutions, we can collectively accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future for travel.

A call to action: let's create a greener future together

Touch Stay believes in the power of collective action. By implementing sustainable practices and collaborating with the travel industry, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact. Here's how you can get involved:

Explore how Touch Stay's digital guidebooks empower you to promote sustainability in your vacation rental

  • Highlight your eco-friendly features, from local produce offerings to water-saving fixtures.
  • Inspire your guests to make environmentally conscious choices throughout their stay.

Learn more about Tourism Declares and explore ways to contribute to their mission

  • Advocate for change within the industry and join a community working towards a sustainable future for travel.


Together, we can make a difference. Every action, from offsetting carbon emissions to offering eco-friendly amenities, contributes to a greener tomorrow for the travel and hospitality industry. Let's embark on this journey together!

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