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Inspection checklist for short term vacation rentals (including template!)

Keeping your vacation rental sparkling clean and in tip-top shape is the secret sauce for happy guests and a thriving business. But let's face it, remembering every nook and cranny to check during an inspection can feel like an overwhelming mental marathon.

That's where a vacation rental inspection checklist swoops in to save the day. This trusty tool ensures you, or your cleaning team, don't miss a single detail - from flickering light bulbs to that pesky drip from the bathroom tap. Regular inspections are more than just keeping things tidy; they're your secret weapon for protecting your investment, safeguarding your guests, and clocking up those five-star reviews.

Why inspections matter: keeping your vacation rental running smoothly

Regular inspections are like preventative maintenance for your vacation rental. Here's how they benefit you:

  • Catch problems early: addressing minor issues early prevents them from morphing into expensive repairs down the road. A loose doorknob today can turn into a full door replacement tomorrow – inspections help you identify these potential problems before they cost you money.
  • Prioritise guest safety: a well-maintained property minimises the risk of accidents or injuries for your guests. Imagine a guest tripping on a loose floorboard – inspections help you identify these potential hazards and keep your guests safe and sound throughout their stay.
  • Boost guest satisfaction and loyalty: guests appreciate a clean, functional, and safe space. Regular inspections ensure your rental offers a five-star experience, leading to positive reviews and repeat bookings. Happy guests translate to a happier you, and a healthier bank account!
  • Maintain peace of mind: knowing your rental is in tip-top shape lets you relax and focus on running your business. Inspections eliminate the worry about potential problems, freeing you up to focus on what matters most - creating a memorable experience for your guests.

How often should you inspect your vacation rental?

The ideal inspection frequency depends on your unique property. High-maintenance vacation homes, or those located in extreme weather areas, might benefit from monthly inspections. Generally, aim for at least a seasonal inspection, with a focus on potential issues specific to that time of year. For example, a winter inspection for a cabin in the mountains might involve checking the roof for snow damage and ensuring the heating system is functioning optimally.

Your vacation rental inspection arsenal: checklists and routines

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of why inspections are crucial, let's delve into the tools that will make them a breeze.

1. Establish a winning inspection routine:

  • Decide on your inspection frequency: will you become a weekly inspection champion, a seasonal inspector, or a yearly inspector? Choose a frequency that works for your property and stick to it!
  • Organise inspections by area or priority: do you prefer a systematic room-by-room approach, or a laser focus on the most critical areas first? Tailor your inspection routine to your preference for maximum efficiency.
  • Assemble your inspection team: if you have a property manager, delegate tasks to create a dream team. This frees up your valuable time and ensures a comprehensive inspection.
  • Tailor inspections to your property's needs: every property is unique. Adapt your inspections to address the specific needs of your vacation rental.

2. Embrace the checklist: your inspection sidekick

Running a vacation rental business can be a juggling act, and keeping track of every inspection detail can feel overwhelming. A checklist ensures you cover everything, from the roof overhead to the floorboards beneath your feet.

Your free vacation rental inspection checklist

We've crafted a comprehensive checklist to simplify your inspections and make you an inspection pro. It covers all the essential areas, including:

  • General condition: become a master of the details by checking walls, floors, doors, lighting, and even the ever-important smoke detectors.
  • Kitchen: ensure your kitchen is ready to whip up culinary masterpieces by inspecting appliances, cabinets, cookware, utensils, and don't forget – the dishwasher!
  • Bathrooms: from sparkling toilets and showers to pristine sinks and a well-stocked supply of towels and toiletries, your checklist ensures your bathrooms offer a spa-quality experience.
  • Bedrooms: guests deserve a restful retreat. Your checklist includes checking linen, pillows, furniture, and ensuring TVs are in working order for movie nights.
  • Living room: create a comfortable and inviting space by inspecting furniture for wear and tear, electronics, remote cleanliness, batteries and buttons, and anything else that contributes to living room relaxation.
  • Exterior: don't forget the great outdoors! Your checklist ensures the patio or deck is spick and span, the pool area is sparkling clean, furniture is in good condition, the grill is ready for barbecues, and the garden is weed-free and picture-perfect.
  • Safety and security: peace of mind is paramount. The checklist reminds you to test smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, locks, first aid kits, carbon monoxide monitors and any other safety features specific to your rental.
  • Guest supplies: guests shouldn't have to worry about the essentials. Your checklist ensures there's an ample supply of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and other basic necessities they might need during their stay.

Download your free vacation rental inspection checklist

Enter your details to receive your free checklist PDF. Use it to guide you through a full vacation rental inspection to ensure nothing gets missed and to keep those 5* reviews rolling in!

Bonus tip: leverage guest feedback - your secret weapon revealed

Think of your guests as your eyes and ears on the ground. Use your Touch Stay digital guidebook to include a brief checkout questionnaire asking if they encountered any issues during their stay. This valuable feedback helps you stay on top of potential problems and identify areas for improvement.

By combining a winning inspection routine with a detailed checklist, you can ensure your vacation rental is always ready to impress your guests and become a haven for repeat bookings and rave reviews. Download your free vacation rental inspection checklist today and conquer your next inspection with confidence!

One last vacation rental inspection tip

Create your checklist in a Touch Stay digital guidebook! Touch Stay helps accommodation operators deliver exceptional guest experiences every time and that applies to cleaning, maintenance and inspections too. Click the image below to see how Beach Retreat uses their Touch Stay guidebook as a cleaning and maintenance checklist for their vacation rental.Cleaning checklist

  • Consolidate cleaning and maintenance checklists in one place
  • Update changing information instantly
  • Prompt your team to find what they need instead of bothering you
  • Embed forms for teams to confirm completion of inspection or tick off an inspection list as they go
  • Add a form for submitting fix requests to a maintenance team or specific tradesperson

Have a go today. Start with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). Benefit from truly human customer support, if you need it.