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How to market an RV: your RV rental marketing plan

Dreaming of turning your RV into a revenue stream? With the RV rental market currently valued at £760m, and projected to reach nearly £1.5b by 2030, this booming industry offers a fantastic opportunity for both seasoned owners and newcomers. Whether you're a veteran RV enthusiast or just starting your rental journey, learning how to market an RV with a strategic marketing plan is essential.

This comprehensive RV rental marketing plan equips you with the tools and tactics to transform your RV into an irresistible adventure machine, attracting eager explorers and maximising your rental income. We'll delve into crafting a strategic RV marketing plan that highlights your RV's unique features, connects you with your target audience, and positions you for success in the exciting world of RV rentals. Read on to discover how to market an RV...

Know your target audience (RV renters)

Before diving into RV marketing tactics, take a step back and identify your ideal RV renter. Understanding their demographics, interests, and travel preferences is key to crafting a message that resonates. The RV rental market is booming, particularly among millennials and retirees. But within these broad categories, there's a world of diversity.

Here are some key factors to consider when marketing an RV rental:

  • Age and family situation: are you targeting young, thrill-seeking couples or families with children in tow? This will influence the features you highlight (think bunk beds vs. rooftop decks).
  • Experience level: are you catering to first-time RV renters who need extra guidance, or seasoned travellers who crave the freedom of the open road? Tailor your communication style and resources accordingly.
  • Trip style: luxury getaways or budget-conscious adventures? National park explorations or music festival hopping? Understanding renters' desired vacation style allows you to showcase your RV's suitability for their dream trip.

By defining your target audience, you can craft a laser-focused RV marketing message that speaks directly to their needs and ignites their wanderlust. This, in turn, will attract the perfect renters who will cherish unforgettable adventures in your RV.

Highlight your RV's unique selling points (USPs)

Now, let's talk about what truly sets your RV apart. Identify your unique selling points (USPs) and showcase them with pride!

  • Size and functionality: is it a spacious family haven with room to roam, or a cosy campervan perfect for couples?
  • Special features: does your RV boast a pet-friendly interior, a luxurious rooftop deck, or high-end kitchen appliances for gourmet camp cooking?
  • Location advantage: is your RV conveniently located near popular destinations or breathtaking natural attractions?

By highlighting these USPs with captivating photos and detailed descriptions, you'll create a listing that entices renters and positions your RV as the ideal choice for their dream adventure.

Craft compelling RV listings (search engine optimisation - SEO)

Online visibility is paramount in the RV rental industry, and RV rental marketplaces are a fantastic way to reach potential renters. Ensure your RV listing on platforms like Outdoorsy, RVshare, or your personal website is compelling and optimised for search engines. Include high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, accurate amenity lists, and attention-grabbing headlines that highlight your RV's unique features.

When creating your RV rental listings, prioritise these elements:

  • Captivating titles and descriptions: use keywords that RV renters are searching for, like "family-friendly RV rental" or "national park adventure RV."
  • High-resolution photos: showcase your RV's interior, exterior, and any special features in bright, clear photos.
  • Competitive rates and availability: offer attractive pricing and clearly display your RV's availability.
  • Positive guest reviews: encourage past renters to leave positive reviews to build trust with potential renters.

When learning how to market an RV rental, SEO optimisation is also crucial. Include relevant keywords throughout your listing to ensure your RV shows up in search results when renters are looking for specific features or locations.

Leverage the power of social media marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your RV rental business, connecting with potential renters, and showcasing the RV lifestyle. Here's how to use it effectively:

  • Create engaging content: share captivating photos and videos of your RV in action, featuring scenic destinations or happy past renters enjoying their adventures.
  • Target the right audience: use social media advertising platforms to reach your ideal renter demographic.
  • Run contests and giveaways: generate excitement for your RV rentals by offering contests or giveaways with enticing prizes.
  • Interact with your audience: respond to comments and messages promptly, fostering a sense of community and trust.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X, and Pinterest are great places to showcase the beauty and adventure your RV offers.

How to market an RV: build your own RV rental website

While online marketplaces like Outdoorsy and RVshare are a great starting point, establishing an online presence with a branded website dedicated to your RV rental business allows for complete control over your RV's presentation. Showcase your RV, highlight its features and amenities, and provide detailed information about the rental process. Here's what to include:

  • Detailed RV description: provide a comprehensive overview of your RV, highlighting its features and amenities in a way that marketplaces might not allow. Think in-depth descriptions and specifications.
  • High-quality gallery: showcase your RV in all its glory with professional-looking photos, videos, and if possible, a virtual tour that allows renters to explore every nook and cranny.
  • Seamless booking system: integrate a user-friendly availability calendar and booking system for a smooth rental experience. This eliminates the need to navigate external platforms for reservations.
  • Build trust with testimonials: include glowing guest reviews and testimonials to build trust with potential renters. Social proof is a powerful tool!
  • Engaging blog content: don't just tell, inspire! A blog allows you to share travel tips, RV-related content and stories that showcase the adventures your RV unlocks, plus boost search engine visibility.

By building a dedicated website, you'll transform your RV rental business from a listing on a marketplace to a well-oiled machine, attracting renters, providing all the information they need, and ultimately securing those bookings. It's your chance to tell your RV's unique story and position it as the perfect chariot for unforgettable adventures.

RV rental website templates

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a coding pro, there are a huge range of website templates available online designed specifically for marketing an RV rental business. From simple drag-and-drop page builders to all-in-one direct booking solutions. Check these ones out to start:

Additional strategies for RV rental success

In addition to the core marketing tactics mentioned above, consider these additional strategies to maximise your RV rental income:

Offer exceptional customer service

Word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable in the RV rental industry. Ensure you provide exceptional customer service to every RV renter, from the initial enquiry to the post-rental follow-up. Respond promptly to all enquiries and encourage positive reviews and testimonials, which can be shared on your website and social media platforms to build trust and attract new RV renters.

Partner with local businesses

Explore partnership opportunities with local businesses, campgrounds, or tourist attractions. Cross-promotion can help you reach a wider audience and offer additional value to your renters, such as discounts, exclusive packages, or upsells.

Implement emails in your RV marketing plan

Build an email list of past RV renters and potential customers. This is super easy using the Email Capture Topic in your Touch Stay guidebook, which lets you collect renter emails in a friendly, non-intrusive way. Send regular newsletters highlighting special offers, sharing travel tips, and promoting your RV rental business. Email marketing allows you to stay top-of-mind with your audience and nurture relationships with potential and repeat renters.

Attend RV shows and events

Participate in local or regional RV shows and events. This provides an opportunity to showcase your RV, network with other RV enthusiasts, and connect with potential renters in person. Check out our vacation rental industry events tracker to discover what events are happening in your area.


By following these comprehensive RV marketing tips and implementing a strategic plan, you can effectively reach your target audience, showcase the unique value of your RV, and maximise your rental income. Remember, the key is to create a compelling message that captures the spirit of adventure and highlights the unforgettable experiences your RV can provide.

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