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Create a seamless contactless check-in experience for guests


The hospitality industry is evolving. Guests increasingly seek contactless check-in options, but this shouldn't come at the expense of a warm welcome. This guide explores effective strategies to create a smooth and welcoming contactless check-in experience for your vacation rental or hospitality business.

The challenge: balancing warmth with efficiency

The hospitality industry thrives on welcoming guests. However, the desire for contactless check-in (67% of guests prefer it!) can create a disconnect. The good news is, you can offer both efficiency and a warm welcome.

Remote hosts lead the way

Remote hosts have long perfected the art of contactless check-in. They rely on clear communication and technology to ensure a positive guest experience from afar. Here's how you can follow their lead:

  • Pre-arrival registration: collect guest information beforehand using a user-friendly online form, such as our Google Forms Custom Element. Include dietary restrictions, local registration requirements, and a way for guests to share any special occasion details. Discover more about our easy-to-use Custom Elements that create interactive guidebook experiences and help drive revenue.
  • Digital welcome book: this is your secret weapon! A well-crafted digital guidebook allows you to greet guests with a personalised video message, provide arrival information, favourite local recommendations, and your house manual (including how-to instructions, safety information, and emergency contact details). A Touch Stay digital guidebook is a great example. 
Guest Welcome Book

Bob Garner, host of Casal Dei Fichi has finessed his digital guidebook in such a way that his guests are ready to leave a 5-star review before they even arrive at his property:

Just had this brilliant email from an Italian guest who has just booked. She says she is really impressed by our Touch Stay guide and has to hold back from writing a review about her stay before she has even stayed with us. Now that is what we like to hear.

Sending your digital guidebook is an opportunity to greet your guest with your charmingly brilliant smile without a mask covering it. Use this opportunity to create a welcome video so your guests can embrace your warmth from afar.

Throw perfection to the side, step out of your comfort zone, and smile. Pretend your guest is standing right in front of you, and tell them how thrilled you are to have them.


Streamline guest entry

  • Entry by code: use your Touch Stay digital guidebook to provide guests with a unique code for a smart lock, eliminating the need for physical keys or in-person greetings. This is especially useful for late arrivals.
  • ID verification: for situations requiring ID verification, you have a few options:
    - Use our Google Forms Custom Element for guests to upload a photo of their passport or driving licence.
    - If using Airbnb, choose to only receive bookings/enquiries from identity-verified guests.
    - Or check out Touch Stay's partnership with Superhog which helps streamline the guest screening process.

Make information accessible

  • QR Codes: create a QR code for your digital guidebook and place it strategically within your property. This allows guests to access the information quickly, even if the booking guest hasn't shared the link.

Avoid late-night check-in nightmares

Clear communication is key to preventing frustrating late-night arrivals.

  • Keep instructions short and bullet-pointed: guests are tired. Simplify check-in instructions with short, bulleted points to avoid overwhelming them.
  • Annotated pictures are gold: take it a step further by including clear, annotated pictures to illustrate each step.
  • Multiple access points: make check-in information readily available via email and consider an app that works offline like Touch Stay (but include a photo overview as well for video instructions).
  • Gentle reminders: guests can be forgetful. Use Memo to send automated SMS messages 24 hours before arrival reminding them to review the check-in information.

By following these tips and leveraging contactless check-in tools like Touch Stay, you can create a smooth and welcoming experience for your guests, regardless of your location or their arrival time. Remember, first impressions count, so prioritise clear communication and user-friendly technology.

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