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Empowering guests with tech: a guide to glamping and caravan sites

The allure of the outdoors is undeniable, and glamping and caravanning offer unique ways to experience nature in style and comfort. Glamping, with its luxurious twist on traditional camping, caters to those seeking a touch of elegance under the stars. Caravanning, on the other hand, provides a convenient and comfortable haven for travellers with their home on wheels. Regardless of the chosen accommodation, technology plays a vital role in attracting guests and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay.

This blog delves into the world of tech solutions specifically designed to elevate the guest experience at both glamping sites and caravan parks. We'll explore how technology can empower your guests, streamline your operations, and ultimately help you create a thriving glamping or caravanning business.

Why include tech in your business?

There are numerous advantages to incorporating technology into your glamping or caravan site operations. Here are a few key reasons:

  • Increased efficiency: tech automates repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business. This includes managing bookings, streamlining communication with guests, and maintaining accurate records.
  • Enhanced guest experience: technology empowers guests with the information and tools they need to have a fantastic stay. Digital resources like guidebooks for glamping or guidebooks for caravan sites, and self-service options provide answers to common questions and offer local recommendations, while smart home features can elevate the level of comfort and convenience.
  • Improved visibility: a strong online presence is essential for attracting guests. Property management systems with channel managers help you list your glamping site or caravan park on various booking platforms, while a user-friendly website showcases your offerings and allows for direct bookings.
  • Remote management: technology bridges the gap for remote hosts or those managing glamping sites in remote locations. Cloud-based solutions and digital communication tools enable you to effectively connect with guests and manage your business from anywhere.
  • Environmentally friendly operations: digital technology eliminates the need for paper manuals and brochures, reducing your environmental footprint.

Check out our webinar on how to determine your tech stack.

Choosing the right tech for your glamping or caravan business

With a vast array of vacation rental technology options available, it's important to prioritise solutions that address your specific needs and enhance the guest experience. Here are some key tech considerations:

  • Operational technology: focus on tools that streamline daily tasks, such as managing bookings, guest communication, housekeeping, and revenue management.

  • Guest-centric solutions: invest in technology that empowers your guests. This includes digital guidebooks, self-check-in options, and smart home features.

  • Channel management: simplify your listing management across various online travel agencies (OTAs) with a channel manager. Touch Stay recommends OwnerRez.

    OwnerRez integrates with Touch Stay and offers a powerful and flexible property management tool featuring a channel manager, property reporting and analytics, accounting, and website and branding assistance.

  • Property management system (PMS): a PMS centralises all your booking information and streamlines operational workflows. Look for features like channel management, dynamic pricing, and self-service check-in options.
    Touch Stay recommends Anytime. 


    Check out the Anytime x Touch Stay integration which offers a fully-supported property management software for outdoor holiday businesses, ideal for streamlining direct and third-party bookings while delivering the best guest experience.

  • Screening tools: ensure a positive guest experience by using screening tools to verify identities and prevent unwanted activity. We recommend Superhog.


    Touch Stay has partnered with Superhog x Know Your Guest to provide both a digital guest welcome book and intelligent guest screening services.

  • Smart home devices: smart thermostats, noise monitors, and smart locks can enhance comfort and security for your guests.
    Touch Stay recommends StayFi to create custom splash pages for guest WiFi access and collect valuable marketing information.

    StayFi also uses cloud-managed WiFi technology, letting you collect emails from every guest that uses your WiFi and monitor all of your WiFi networks remotely.

Touch Stay: your tech partner for glamping and caravan sites

Touch Stay offers a suite of tech solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of glamping sites and caravan parks. Our digital guidebooks provide guests with all the information they need for a fantastic stay, while also showcasing your brand and local recommendations.

Additional considerations for glamping sites

  • Contactless services: guests appreciate contactless options, such as online check-in, digital key cards, and mobile payment solutions.
  • Focus on nature connection: while technology enhances the experience, remember that glamping is about connecting with nature. Promote eco-friendly practices and avoid overwhelming guests with tech.

Additional considerations for caravan sites

  • Tech for caravan rentals: consider equipping your rental caravans with GPS navigation, solar panels, portable conveniences like air conditioning and showers, and entertainment options.
  • Chatbots: improve customer service and capture leads by adding a chatbot to your caravan site's website.


By incorporating the right technology solutions, you can elevate your glamping site or caravan park to new heights. Empower your guests, streamline your operations, and create a memorable experience that will keep them coming back for more.

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