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Touch Stay Christmas Appeal

Help fight hunger

Nobody should be left to go hungry in a world where we’re fighting waste. But especially at Christmas time and during the coldest months of the year, food is vital fuel for survival and the most gratefully received gift we can give.


Help us fight hunger 

During December, Touch Stay will donate:

So even if you’re already a customer, you can get involved by encouraging your guests to dive deep into your guidebooks.


Feeding America

In 2021, 53 million Americans turned to food banks. Feeding America is the largest organisation in the USA targeting hunger prevention. In a country where 9 million children are thought to go hungry every day they need our help to feed and nourish a nation via food banks, school-based food pantries, meal programs and more.

Want to help Feeding America beyond our Christmas Appeal.

The Trussell Trust

In the UK, 4.5 million children are living in poverty. The Trussell Trust is on a single minded mission to stop hunger in the UK. A country without a need for food banks is one well fed, but this winter they need our help more than ever to fund their operations and to buy additional food supplies beyond those donated by the public.

Want to help beyond being a part of our Christmas Appeal?