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Reduce breakages while answering fewer questions

Digital guidebooks are easy to access so your renters engage with technical info.

86% of our users have more than halved the time they spend managing renters since using Touch Stay.


Reduce insurance liability

Clearly present instructions & renter responsibilities. Direct renters to specific answers with deep links & QR codes.


Communicate on your terms

Share the guidebook link before pick-up via scheduled emails/SMS, or insert into your current communications. It’s your choice.


Enhance the renter experience

Renters can save to their home screen, access offline, and orient themselves using the Map tab. All in a sleek, app-like format.


Watch review scores rocket

Informed renters = happy renters! Touch Stay customers get more positive reviews, which often mention the guidebook.

"Touch Stay is what we’ve been missing!"


Touch Stay has been a fantastic time saver for us, and our renters have told us repeatedly that our guidebooks are outstanding.

John Gann – Texas Camper Rental

"Our essential customer excellence tool!"

Our Touch Stay guidebook reduces customer frustration AND costs associated with damage to vehicles caused by user error.

Mark Kirby – Avanti Motorhomes

Reclaim your time

Renter management costs you time that Touch Stay reclaims for you. With Touch Stay you have the tools you need to excel at renter communication.