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digital guidebook

Bursting with features!

So much more than a replacement for a paper binder, Touch Stay guidebooks are jam-packed with features that make you look good AND make your life easier.

Show off your brand, organise your info, manage your comms and more. Revolutionise the guest experience with a Touch Stay digital guidebook.

Easy to create

Touch Stay makes it easy to present information digitally and keep it in one place for you, your team and your customers.

  • Fully customisable templates

  • Easy to edit

  • Gorgeous to read

digital guidebook

Build your brand

Drive bookings, build loyalty and nurture repeat business with a guidebook that's recognisably yours. 

  • Tell your brand story

  • Grow your database

  • Market your business

digital guidebook

Revenue driving features

Embed third party services to promote upsells, complete operational steps, and build excitement.

  • Let guests explore rooms ahead of time with a Matterport 3D Tour

  • Promote food & drink packages, additional services or merchandise

  • Set the tone for their experience with curated Spotify playlists

Digital guidebook Custom Elements

Personalise your content

Tailor your guidebook for everyone to make them feel special while showing off what makes your place unique!

  • Automate personalisation

  • Provide personal recommendations

  • Gather guest sentiment

digital guidebook

Schedule emails & texts

Easily create and automate your guest communication flow with Memo.

  • Surface specific information

  • Market upsells

  • Sync with your PMS

digital guidebook

Track guide interaction

Learn what guests love (or don’t!) about your guide and turn insights into action with Data Dashboard.

  • Increase guide views

  • Enhance guide content

  • Track guide feedback

Data dashboard graph-1

Nurture guest relationships

Collect guest emails in a friendly, non-intrusive way to turn one-time stays into lifelong customers.

  • Embed a simple sign-up anywhere in your guidebook

  • Use our template or tailor to your own brand voice

  • Stay top of mind when guests book their next trip

Email Capture

Remove the guesswork

Get ahead of any snags by collecting data about the make-or-break first hours of a guest’s stay.

  • Let newly arrived guests leave a star rating and/or comment

  • Schedule check-in messages in advance using Memo

  • Ensure that 5-star review at check-out

First impressions

Sync with your PMS

Spend less time managing your short term rental business through our integrations with these Property Management Systems.

  • Match your inventory to your guidebooks

  • Sync reservations for every booking

  • Automatically share your guidebooks with each guest


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