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digital guidebook

Bursting with features!

So much more than a replacement for a paper binder, Touch Stay guidebooks are jam-packed with features that make you look good AND make your life easier.

Show off your brand, organise your info, manage your comms and more. Revolutionise the guest experience with a Touch Stay digital guidebook.

Easy to build guidebooks

Touch Stay makes it easy to create your digital guidebook and keep all your guest information in one place.

  • Fully customisable templates

  • Easy to manage content

  • Gorgeous guest information

digital guidebook

Focus on your business

Drive bookings, build loyalty and nurture repeat business with a guidebook that's recognisably yours. 

  • Tell your brand story

  • Power direct bookings

  • Market your business

digital guidebook

Personalise your content

Tailor your guidebook for each guest to make them feel special while showing off what makes your place unique!

  • Automated personalisation

  • Hyper local content

  • Gather guest sentiment

digital guidebook

Master guest communication

Create and automate your guest communication flow with Memo.

  • Schedule your comms

  • Market upsells

  • Sync with your PMS

digital guidebook

Sync with your PMS

Spend less time managing your short term rental business through our integrations with these Property Management Systems

  • Match your inventory to your guidebooks

  • Sync reservations for every booking

  • Automatically share your guidebooks with each guest

digital guidebook

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