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First impressions

Remove the guesswork from the guest experience

Your tool for collecting data about the make-or-break first hours of a guest’s stay.

Using First Impressions, newly arrived guests can give an initial star rating and leave an optional comment. Get ahead of any snags - or simply bask in their five-star approval! 


Schedule in advance

No need to remember (or find the time) to send initial checkin messages! Using Memo or your PMS, you can set the set a date/time for the First Impressions link to go out to guests. 

firs impressions stars

Collect a star rating

A familiar star rating system makes it easy for guests to share their honest impression in seconds. If you receive a less-than-perfect score, you can contact them to see what can be improved. 

First Imp page star ratings

Request a comment

Guests can also leave an optional comment. And because they're not responding to checkin texts from a real person, they have room to be a little more honest. Avoid surprises when it's time for them to leave their official review! 

First Imp page request a comment

Get (and stay) in touch

Guests are required to enter their name and phone number on First Impressions, so you to get in touch as needed. Plus, they can also leave their email address and opt into your mailing list.

Tip: Seeking feedback beyond first impressions? Touch Stay’s Reviews feature can help with that!

First Imp page get email addresses

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