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digital guidebook

Personalised content

Hospitality is all about delivering a personal touch.

Use these features to tailor your digital guidebooks for each user and gather insights to enhance their experience.

Ensure everyone is having a great time, effortlessly.


First Impressions

Fix a bad guest experience before it happens.

Automatically request feedback from guests when they arrive. Show that you care, relax knowing all is good or get ahead of issues.  Secure that 5 star review from the start!

digital guidebook

Guest Feedback button

Know how people really feel about your guidebook.

Use our feedback button to gauge sentiment and see how your guidebook is really making a difference. A simple, frictionless way to make sure you're getting it right.

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Field codes

Use field codes to customise your guidebook content, invitations and messages for each guest using their reservation details (whether you use a PMS or not!)

Make your guests feel special and show your human side (with the help of a little tech!)


digital guidebook

Weather & tide times

Put accurate, real-time info into your guests' pockets so they can pack the right clothes and plan around the tides at your local beach.

No generic advice here - just useful, useable info your guests will thank you for.

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