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Even more customisation

Field Codes let you personalise your guest-facing content with names, addresses and other specifics populated from booking details or your property management system (PMS). Everything from your Touch Stay guidebook content to your Memo emails and text notifications can be spruced up with Field Codes. And they’re simple to implement!

Memo Shorts codes-3

Wherever you place a Field Code, that code will be replaced with real data - which is grabbed from your PMS or data you’ve entered elsewhere. 

For example, “Hi guest_first_name!” becomes "Hi Jane!” Easy peasy.

Use Field Codes in guest communication

Our Memo feature lets you auto-send emails and text notifications at various points in the guest stay. With Field Codes, you can insert guest names, arrival and departure dates, links to your Touch Stay guide and other personalised details to your Memo messages. Great for volume property managers who have implemented our low-touch guest communication system and also prioritise high-touch hospitality!

Short codes hope everything is ok

Include anywhere in your guidebook

You can also add Field Codes to personalise the guide content itself. If you manage multiple properties, for example, you can add a code for the name of your guide and change it up, automatically, for each property.

Other common Field Codes include:

  • Unique digital lock codes
  • Your contact information
  • Property address
  • Links to your Touch Stay guidebook (unique links let you track your guide views!)

You can also create custom Field Codes, too!

Short codes guidebook

Use substitute values to save face

No need to worry that missing data will lead to awkward messages that start with “Hi guest_first_name!” Using substitute values, you can set the short code to be replaced with alternative text in the absence of data—like “Friend,” or “Valued Guest.” Whatever you’d like. Ditto with sections like lock codes - simply add a substitute value like “Contact us for your lock codes,” and all your bases are covered.

Short codes hey lovely guest

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