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Got a vacation rental?

How many times do you answer the same guest questions?

From wifi passwords to check out procedures, save time by directing guests to one place containing all this information. Touch Stay is easy to set up, easy to share and easy to use! Find time for yourself and welcome independent, self-sufficient guests.


Save time

How much time do you spend answering the same questions? Touch Stay gives your guests all the answers in one handy place.


Empower your guests

Your guests can plan their trip in advance. They’ll know exactly where everything they want and need is before they arrive.


Improve your reviews

We’re the finishing touch for your guests’ perfect stay. Keep your eyes peeled for 5-star reviews…but don’t just take our word for it.

All your guests will need for the perfect stay

Along with sharing recommendations and practical information, a Touch Stay guidebook is all your guests will need for the perfect stay.

Just send your guests a quick link (and they’ll never need to sign up or download anything)!


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