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Streamline your operations

Connect Guesty with Touch Stay to automate every aspect of your growing short term rental business.

Reclaim your valuable time by simplifying guest communications - and turning FAQs into rarely asked questions!

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Effortless optimisation with Guesty x Touch Stay

Streamline your routine tasks and get back to growing your short term rental business!

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Quick guidebook sharing

Share Touch Stay digital guidebooks for your Guesty property inventory with guests even faster

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Custom guide invitations

Customise Touch Stay guides automatically and send to your guests via the Guesty portal - neat!

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Automatic field mapping

Custom reservation fields created in Guesty are automatically populated in Touch Stay too - so no need to recreate them again

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Seamless guest communication

Our partnership allows everything you do in Memo to update in Automations, so you can efficiently manage guest communication flow

Why Guesty

Guesty's suite of features address the most time-consuming problems facing short-term rental property managers. Integrated with the world’s top online travel agencies, Guesty has everything to help your business thrive:

  • Task automation to tackle recurring tasks efficiently

  • Accounting tools to eliminate repetitive tasks

  • Unified inbox for all guest communication

  • Multi-calendar to view all reservations in one place

  • Mobile management app

digital guest welcome book

Why Touch Stay

  • Guidebook templates for all accommodation types

  • Include practical property info & local area ideas

  • Share WiFi, property instructions & your top local tips

  • Show guests how to book again & recommend to friends

  • No downloads required & works offline

digital guest welcome book

Master the art of effective guest communication

Check out this Guesty customer's Touch Stay digital guidebook to see how they're providing their guests with all the info they need pre-, during and post-stay!

digital guest welcome book

Already a Touch Stay & Guesty customer?

Get ready to save some serious time! Connecting both platforms is quick and easy - click here...