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Your rental, made radiant

Eliminate encumbered guest processes with the Hostaway x Touch Stay integration.

Consolidate guest communications, curtail repetitive guest questions, inspire them with insider tips and rack up raving reviews.


Realise vacation rental success with Hostaway & Touch Stay

Hostaway’s leading all-in-one vacation rental software unites with Touch Stay’s top-notch digital guidebooks. Assemble. Alleviate. Achieve. Ace!


Link accounts with ease

From within your Touch Stay account


Import and pair properties

Match your Hostaway portfolio with Touch Stay guidebooks


Set up message templates

Use Memo for confirmed Hostaway bookings


Sync bookings, no sweat

Helping you to efficiently run your business!

Why Hostaway

Featuring the largest marketplace for vacation rental software and tools, Hostaway offers over 100 solutions to every problem imaginable. Flexibly designed to meet the needs of growing property managers, Hostaway automates and simplifies all areas of your budding business, from marketing to sales, reporting to accounting and more.

  • Scalable and robust property management system

  • Automated messages, reviews, tasks and payments

  • Expanded distribution channels and multi-unit support

  • Customized reporting for key performance indicators

  • Unified inbox, owner portal and guest portal


Why Touch Stay

Invite guests to get excited and inspired with a terrifically top-notch digital guidebook from Touch Stay. Minimise monotonous guest questions. Reach for the stars with local recommendations. Return time to effectively run your business in one fell swoop (and ditch your dreary printed house manual while you’re at it!).

  • Enhanced PDF and print capability

  • Fulfilled guest questions and inquiries with ease and efficiency

  • Enhanced guidebook templates, personalisable to your branding

  • Abound message templates for your guest communications flow

  • Advanced tools and topics to glean guest impressions and ratings


Set sleek communications in motion & watch guest reviews soar

We like to keep things simple around here – no complicated course of action you need to follow. Click the link to see how one Hostaway & Touch Stay customer gifts their guests pleasant and pain-free correspondence.

Send paper house manuals packing.
Say hello to Touch Stay.


Existing Hostaway x Touch Stay customers – we see you!

Follow our 6 easy-peasy steps to connect both platforms.