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More bookings, less work

Spend less time managing your vacation rentals with Touch Stay's integration with Streamline.

Free up time to attract new customers and grow your business by connecting Streamline's booking management software with  Touch Stay guidebooks.

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Power-up your vacation rental business

Let Touch Stay & Streamline do the hard work for you.


Plug & Play

Connect your Streamline & Touch Stay accounts in a few clicks. No coding or API calls necessary.

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Inventory Auto-match

Automatically match your Streamline property inventory with each corresponding Touch Stay guide.

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Reservation Sync

Pull in custom reservation fields to instantly personalise guidebook content and message templates.


Guidebook Auto-Share

Send guidebook links for each reservation to your guests through Streamline's messaging inbox.

Already using Touch Stay & Streamline?

Learn how to complete your integration in just a few steps with our step-by-step Knowledge Base article.

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Why Streamline

Streamline aims to simplify the vacation rental management process. With a quality suite of programs Streamline makes it easier than ever before to manage a large volume of properties by providing property managers with every function they may need. A truly all-in-one vacation rental software suite!

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