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Touch Stay & Track

Spend less time managing your vacation rentals with Touch Stay & Track

Connect your Track account with  Touch Stay digital guidebooks to free up time to attract new customers and grow your business.

Power-up your vacation rental business

Let Touch Stay & Track do the hard work for you.


Plug & Play

Connect your Track & Touch Stay accounts in a few clicks. No coding or API calls necessary.

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Inventory Auto-match

Automatically match your Track property inventory with each Touch Stay guide.

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Reservation Sync

Use custom fields to instantly personalise guidebooks & message templates for each reservation


Onboarding Service

Let Touch Stay set up your guidebooks & connect your accounts for free - so you get going faster!

Already using Touch Stay & Track?

Learn how to complete your integration in just a few steps with our step-by-step Knowledge Base article.

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Why Track

The Track property management solution can automate thousands of daily operational and communication tasks. When you see what it can do, you’ll believe the future is now.

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