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Support what matters to you with your guidebook

Take the smooth route to social responsibility and give your guests the peace of mind that they’re staying with hosts who care.

Share your cause, how you work towards your goal and how guests can get involved too.


Get “MaD” with us

Populating your guidebook’s Making a Difference section is an easy starting point to get guests involved in a cause you care about. Wherever you’re at in your social responsibility journey, your “MaD” section is ready & waiting for you (with templated content included!).

  • Easily insert our templated Ecologi content

  • Customise to share the causes you care about most

  • Explain the ways that your guests can help

  • Link to external sites to facilitate guest participation

  • Attract more guests by shouting about the good you’re doing

Amplify the good you do

Guests can’t support your initiatives if they don’t know that they exist! Tell guests about what you’re doing so that they can get involved too, and watch them spread the word to their friends & family. It honestly is as easy as 1,2,3…

  • Add the Making a Difference category to your guide

  • Stick with our templated content or customise – it’s up to you!

  • Share the news & see more bookings from socially conscious travellers


Hear sustainability legend Bob Garner talk to industry leader Heather Bayer about how his guidebook amplifies the good he does:


Looking for some inspiration?

Whatever steps you’re taking – no matter how big or small – you need to celebrate them! There’s power in our differences. That’s why your “MaD” section is completely customisable to whichever cause is close to your heart.

Here’s what some customers are already doing:

  • Suggesting that guests donate a dollar/pound/euro per night to a local charity, then matching their donation.

  • Fighting waste by directing guests towards initiatives such as little free pantry, or Olio.

  • Pointing guests towards the Touch Stay Ecologi forest, where they can plant trees & offset carbon.

See what your guests will see

Click on the digital guidebook examples below to see how Touch Stay customers are already making a difference.

Show up for yourself, your guests, and your community. Go on, you know you want to..!

Making a Difference

Still have questions about how your Making a Difference section works?

Don’t worry! To demonstrate how easy it is, we’ve created a video to help you understand exactly how to populate the “MaD” section of your guidebook.

Supporting your sustainability journey

Download our step-by-step guide to discover how you can achieve manageable progress towards holiday rental sustainability (and how you can shout about the changes you’re making!)


Download your free sustainability guide

With 69% of travellers looking for more sustainable accommodation options, now is the time to get your rental property in shape. Find out exactly what you can do to up your eco credentials, and how you can let people know!

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