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Never Answer Guest Questions

How much would you pay to never answer a guest's question again?

86% of Touch Stay users have already halved the time spent answering guest questions. 


Save time

Touch Stay gives your guests all the answers in one handy place.


Empower your guests

Your guest will know exactly where everything they want and need is before they arrive.


Improve your reviews

We’re the finishing touch for your guests’ perfect stay.


Amazing visuals

“We’ve had people book for 1 night, see our guidebook, look at the amazing visuals and then book for another 2 or 3 nights. That wouldn’t happen without Touch Stay.”

Dani Stein – Owner of Villa Uma Dewi Sri


No questions!

“Since using Touch Stay, I have had zero calls for operational reasons, or operational questions – because it’s all on the app. I can only say I wish I had done it years earlier, for various reasons.”

Sibllye Kim – Villa Ausblick


Guests loved it

“I have 40+ reviews and all of them are 5 stars. Nearly every guest has commented on how helpful our digital guide was. They loved that the mobile app provided answers at their finger tips.”

Scott Rasmussen

All your guests will need for the perfect stay

Along with sharing recommendations and practical information, a Touch Stay guidebook is all your guests will need for the perfect stay.

Just send your guests a quick link (and they’ll never need to sign up or download anything)!


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