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Welcome The Host Co. customers!

Struggling to balance your upsells with operational efficiency and a welcoming first impression?

With Touch Stay and The Host Co. you'll see higher revenues, more time, and happier guests. 


Use Host Co & Touch Stay together

Engage with your online store by housing it in your digital guidebook, where you can surface it in an obvious & engaging way.

Plus, receive $30 back after your first Host Co. sale when you use promo code TOUCHSTAY. 

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    Link to your online store within your digital guidebook

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    Enable guests to order services pre-arrival

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    Spotlight your bestseller items with images and videos

See what your guests will see

Click on the image of the digital guidebook below to see an example from a short term rental operator who is already wowing guests with a digital guest welcome book.

Goodbye to hefty paper manuals.
Adios to confused guests.
Hello Touch Stay.

Spread the joy

It’s easy as pie to welcome guests and direct them towards your exciting extras. Share your digital guidebook as a link, so guests can access all your info at the click of a button.

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    Prompt guests to get reading using Memo (unlimited emails/SMS)

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    Or add the link to your existing messaging flow

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    Use QR codes to direct guests to the juicy details


Show guests you care

Upsells have a bad name for some visitors, despite the value they add. With Touch Stay, you can direct guests to your Host Co. online store whilst emphasising the tangible benefits your add-ons bring, and conveying your warmth and generosity as a host.

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    Customise scheduled message templates to suit your guests

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    Spotlight your brand with your logo, colours, and pictures

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    Add personal local recommendations with our Google Places integration

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    Link to your social media & direct booking site

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    Quickly answer questions with deep links to guidebook sections

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