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Welcome STAA Members!

Want to learn a little more about Touch Stay? Allow us to explain…

Look good, save time and free up your team, all while creating loyal guests who'll return again and again.


Fewer questions...

...Happier guests

Guests ask fewer questions, which means you spend less time managing them. It’s a win-win, allowing you to reinvest the time somewhere else, and your guests to feel happier about their experience.


A Progressive Web App (PWA)

A PWA looks and feels like an app, but it’s a website. Guests get a prompt to add the app icon to their home screen, but no download or sign in is required. Just fast, easy access (even when offline).

  • Plain-speak overview of PWA tech? Read this.

  • Cool brands using this clever tech? Read this.


Free STAA Set-up Service

We’ve been running Touch Stay since 2014. We’ve learnt how to structure content so that it’s easy for guests to find exactly what they need. STAA subscribers get exclusive access to that learning (with a paid subscription).

  • We upload all of your properties

  • We’ll sync all those properties to the template

  • We’ll add a cover photo to each property

  • We’ll white-label so it’s an extension of your brand

  • 1 to 1 web training (you’ll see how easy it is!)

Manager/Agency Pricing

Between £2 to £4 + VAT per month per property, depending on the size of your managed portfolio.

Happier guests. Fewer questions. Time saved.

That's Easy ROI.