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Welcome VRMB Subscribers!

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“Touch Stay is hospitality in a drop. Certainly not your grandma’s welcome binder!”


A (polished) digital welcome book

Like your PDF or paper one, except prettier, easier to maintain, and way more versatile. Plus, it puts a stop to repetitive guest questions because guests can read it on their own device before they even arrive.

  • Include your logo, photos, colours and fonts

  • Start with our template and edit it to make it your own

  • It’s a Progressive Web App. What the what? Keeping reading 🙂


A Progressive Web App (PWA)

A PWA looks and feels like an app (it’s the same tech used by newspaper publishers to deliver their apps). But it’s actually a website presented in app format. The benefits?

  • it can be saved to the home screen of a phone or tablet, where it behaves like an app

  • it automatically updates when you open it, no downloading or upgrading required

  • it’s accessible offline – perfect for remote or off-grid properties


A VRMB Bonus 🚀

We’ve been running Touch Stay since 2014, so we’ve learnt how to structure content that makes it easy for guests to find exactly what they need. VRMB subscribers get exclusive access to that knowledge when they purchase a paid subscription. Specifically:

  • We’ll spend 30 minutes auditing your guidebook

  • We’ll suggest how to improve your content organisation

  • We’ll highlight any obvious layout/design enhancements



$99 per year for your first property, scaling down to $20 per property per year for large property managers.

Happier guests. Fewer questions. Time saved.

That’s easy ROI.