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Welcome ToWander UK customers!

86% of Touch Stay users halve the time they spend managing guests. What could you do with that time?

Get 10% off your Touch Stay subscription and wave goodbye to discordant guest communications!

A ToWander UK bonus

Get a 10% discount off your Touch Stay subscription. Just use the code WANDER10 in the coupon box when you check out.

Don’t worry, you still get our 14-day free trial – so you can try us out without having to spend a thing!


Stand out from the crowd

Shine a light on your accommodation’s unique character and ensure guests have all the info at their fingertips. With powerful information-sharing and curated recommendations, your visitors will know they’re in for a luxury experience, and you’ll reclaim time in your day.

  • Practical info & local recommendations in one hub

  • Pre-arrival access primes guests for their stay

  • QR codes & deep links direct them to juicy details

  • Offline access supports off-grid adventures

  • Scheduled alerts keep guests in the loop

See what your guests will see

Click on the digital guidebooks below to see how these Touch Stay customers are already stealing the show.

Show confused communications the door.
Stay cool, calm, and collected with Touch Stay.

Take control of your bookings

With Touch Stay, you’ll get the recognition you deserve for all your hard work. Your guidebook will familiarise guests with your brand, so they know exactly who to recommend to friends.

  • Link to your ToWander UK listing, direct booking site, & social media

  • Spotlight your brand: include your logo, colours, & fonts

  • Encourage guests to review with post-departure notifications