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Ep. 010

Innkeepers & Sustainable Travelling with JoAnna Haugen

This week, JoAnna Haugen talks to Andy and Tyann about her 22-day through-hike in Austria, and how a friendly innkeeper added a special touch to her trip.

Already an accomplished writer and speaker, JoAnna is also a Solutions Advocate for the travel industry, helping travel companies tackle sustainability issues in a meaningful way.

In her thought-provoking episode, JoAnna talks to Andy and Tyann about how a friendly innkeeper made her day, and how the length of her hiking trip reinforced how it’s possible for guests to have amazing travel experiences in a sustainable and meaningful way – and how hosts can help tourists do this as part of their sustainability efforts.

Join JoAnna, Andy and Tyann as they comment on the importance of action when it comes to sustainable travel, and how it’s still possible for travel to have a positive impact on the guest, the hospitality industry and the local community.

You can find out more about JoAnna on her website, and follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn.


JoAnna admiring the view on her Austrian hiking trail


JoAnna while on the Austrian hiking trail

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