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Ep. 013

The Guest Cast 2021 Best Bits

This week, we’re taking a look back on some of our favourite guest stories from 2021 – with snippets from a selection of our amazing guests this year. 

We re-cap a variety of guest stories, including:
  • The co-founder of SparkToro and Moz, Rand Fishin, and his adventures with car rental in Italy 
  • HR influencer Gethin Nadin and a story about travelling with nomads in the desert 
  • The editor of Behind the Shutter Alissa Cincotta and why a trip to Italy became an unforgettable memory
  • Speaker and Solutions Advocate for the travel industry, JoAnna Haugen and how small accommodations on her hiking trip enhanced her experience
  • and the adventurous travel bloggers, Dave and Deb from Planet D and their terrifying story about danger in the amazon – and how their tour provider (and travel insurance!) helped them avert danger. 

As always – each story includes anecdotal advice for everyone working in hospitality – from what to do to improve the guest experience – to what not to do!

We’ve loved launching our podcast this year, and we hope you’ve loved it too! If you haven’t already, please remember to leave us a 5 star review wherever you get your podcasts! 🙂

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