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Ep. 016

“To Assume is to Make an Ass out of You and Me”

Kate – Touch Stay’s CMO – has hijacked this week’s episode to give us her Aha! moment. The moment when a lightbulb went on, and she realised the need for explicit communication with guests.

Whilst renting out her property during the summer of 2021, Kate assumed that she and her guest were on the same page about the house rules. Kate had explained the rules to the guest, and the guest had chosen to book. So far so good, right?

Well, not quite! Listen in to find out about the tricky guest experience which proved the need for explicit, clear-cut communication between guest and host – so that everyone can have a relaxing rental adventure!

Find out more about Kate on our About page, or connect with her on LinkedIn.


The kitchen in Kate’s rental property

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