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Ep. 024

Industry Friends, New and Old

You’re in for a treat this week! In this A-ha moment episode, we hear from ten industry friends at the 2022 Short Stay Summit about a moment when something clicked for them.

From Damian Sheridan’s realisation about booking trends, to Simon Lehmann’s rainy morning commute, we’ve gathered a wealth of teaching moments from these pros. We chatted to:
  • Damian Sheridan – Director, The Book Direct Show & Scale Rentals Show
  • Assaf Karmon – CEO & Co-founder, TurnoverBnB
  • James Brown – Operations Director, UnderTheDoormat
  • Bob Garner – Owner, Casal Dei Fichi
  • Deborah Heather – CEO, Quality in Tourism
  • Rachel Parsons – Founder, New Forest Escapes
  • Simon Lehmann – CEO & Co-founder, AJL Atelier
  • Leo Walton – Co-founder, SUPERHOG
  • Jenn Boyles – Founder, Direct Booking Success
  • Neely Khan – Travel & Hospitality Writer

Listen in to hear about back-up plans, sustainable hosting, guest communication, the power of a simple act of kindness, and so much more!

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