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Ep. 001

Alissa Cincotta – Dark Caves and the Louis Vuitton Experience

We discuss how a dimly-lit cave and shopping at Louis Vuitton dramatically altered Alissa’s experience as a guest – and how she now applies the VIP feeling to her own business.

Alissa Cincotta is the editor of Behind the Shutter and the wife of world-renowned photographer Sal Cincotta.

Her captivating story takes us to the depths of a small winery in Italy and then on to Napa Valley during the California wildfires.

In our first episode, Alissa leaves Touch Stay hosts, Andy and Tyann, enthralled by a bottle of limoncello, and shares a simple technique that a luxury resort used to make her and Sal feel like VIPs on their honeymoon.

Find out more about Alissa by heading to her website.

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Alissa’s limoncello and framed wedding photo



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