Ep. 003: Planet D – Evacuation by Seaplane on the Amazon River

Travel influencers Dave and Deb (aka Planet D) take an adventure through the South American jungle that leaves Dave with a broken back on a remote section of the Amazon River – needing to be air transported by a tiny seaplane during a ferocious thunderstorm.

Not speaking the local language, Deb must rely on translators, the tour company, insurance agents, and local medical professionals for information on her husband’s status as she arranges transports to safely get him home to Canada.

In this third episode of The Guest Cast, hosts Andy and Tyann discuss the incredible importance and value of travel insurance, especially when faced with a life or death situation from a simple accident that could happen anywhere at any time.

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And here’s Alastair Humphreys talking about living more adventurously every day. (We referenced it on the podcast.)