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The Book Direct Blueprint

Re-ignite your passion for running a successful, short term rental business with the multi-authored, The Book Direct Blueprint. Our team is more than a little jazzed to have contributed an entire chapter for your reading pleasure.

Discover Chapter 11, Your Recipe For Eternal Guest Loyalty, proudly written by us!


Get a earful with The Book Direct Blueprint Audiobook

What’s more powerful than a book filled to the brim with short term rental resources? An audiobook version, of course! 

Captivating short term rental hosts through the power of spoken word, Touch Stay’s own Hannah Gardiner serves as the voice behind the narration. Audiophiles everywhere are in for a treat with The Book Direct Blueprint audiobook.

Coming 22 December!

Your Vacation Rental Blueprint 🚀

Chock-full of tips, tricks, and insight from STR industry giants, The Book Direct Blueprint is designed to be easily scannable, user-friendly, and read in whatever order best suits your needs. Reap the benefits as you:

  • Explore the future of furnishings with Minoan

  • Discover the neuroscience of trust with I-PRAC

  • Learn the recipe for eternal guest loyalty from Touch Stay

  • Discern benefits of property management software with Uplisting

  • Uncover tips for a fantastic direct booking website with Boostly

  • Glean revenue management strategies from PriceLabs


Your Recipe for Eternal Guest Loyalty⚡

This chapter wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of our knowledgeable content connoisseurs here at Touch Stay.

Because prepared guests + relaxed hosts = smiles all around!

Uncover why happy guests, are in fact chatty guests, as you:

  • Increase your five-star reviews

  • Sprinkle your messaging with your personal touch

  • Reclaim time in your day while seeing off happy guests

  • Propel potential guests straight to your direct booking site

  • Serve guests the information they need, when they need it

  • Incorporate proactive communications as part of your toolkit

The Book Direct Blueprint – now available on Amazon