First impressions count. The way guests are received at your vacation rental from the moment they check in can set the tone for their entire stay.

Whether or not you greet vacationers in person, a guest welcome letter is a simple way to provide a warm welcome and guide your guests into having a good time from the moment they walk in your front door. Done right, this letter will:

  • Form a bond between you and your guest, and demonstrate that you’re genuinely invested in their vacation.
  • Create a sense of excitement around the guest experience and make your property feel special.
  • Point guests in the direction of information they need to know to prevent any sense of confusion or miscommunication.

Read on to learn how to start things off on the right foot by writing a guest welcome letter that makes vacationers smile.

Write it from the heart.

Your guest welcome letter serves two purposes: to inform and to connect. It’s not a contract, so ditch the business speak and pen something that’s warm, conversational, and true to your personality.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit personal by letting your visitors know what you love about the property. Recounting a favorite memory from your (or a past guest’s) time at your rental is a great way to greet visitors warmly and keep your letter relevant.

Tailor it to individual guests.

Leaving a cookie cutter letter can seem impersonal. On the other hand, crafting something brand new every time you book would require tons of time and effort.

Creating a template can help you find a balance. Try writing a standard guest welcome letter, but leaving room for a few sentences that speak directly to the guest you’re writing it for.

Once you’ve gotten your template down, use what you’ve learned in booking communications to customize each letter for individual guests. It can be as simple as wishing their family a great reunion, or their guest of honor a happy birthday. Make it simple and thoughtful: a little bit of thought goes a long way when it comes to putting a smile on guests’ faces.

Consider your medium.

While a handwritten note adds a nice personal touch, it’s a hard habit to maintain as your bookings increase. Many owners opt to type and print their guest welcome letters, and if you follow suit, you can add that same personality with a handwritten closing and signature.

Hosting remotely? Craft your customized letter ahead of time and ask your changeover crew to print it and leave it in a designated spot. It’s a simple way to show guests that just because you’re a remote host, it doesn’t mean that you’re distant.

Use your guest welcome letter as a jumping off point.

Don’t try to tackle every detail in your letter. While a suggestion or two is welcome, this is no place for your top ten restaurant recommendations. Nor is it where you delve into nitty gritty details like how to operate the hot tub or where to find the light switches.

Instead, write a guest welcome letter that introduces yourself and your home and instructs guests as to where they can find any information they might be seeking.

Consider a summary of quick tips to include the basic essentials for easy reference. Think of the immediate needs your guest may have upon arrival. Here are a few suggestions to ponder:

  • Contact phone number for yourself or your property manager
  • WiFi / internet access information
  • Nearest 24-hour store
  • Local food delivery service
  • Closest local attraction or recreation area

Some opt to include the letter at the beginning of a guest welcome book. Other hosts use their letter to direct guests to a digital welcome book like Touch Stay, which they can access on their mobile devices and use at any time during their vacation. This allows guests to keep all of your recommendations in their pocket, even when they’re out on the town.

Let’s put these tips into play.

Now that we’ve covered the how-to, let’s check out an example of a guest welcome letter that would make vacationers smile. Feel free to use our example below to model your own letter from.

Welcome to the Harbor House!

We’re glad you’ve made it all the way from Pennsylvania. Now let’s get down to business: kick off your shoes, grab a cold drink from the fridge and relax. (We’ve stocked some waters, juice for the kids and beers for you.)

The Harbor House has been in our family for three generations—and it’s been through a lot. Countless board game nights, seafood feasts on the picnic table, s’mores at the fire pit, barefoot walks along the harbor, and firefly chases have happened here.

We love to see all of the folks from around the world calling this house “home,” even if only for a few nights. I hope you and your extended family have a wonderful reunion.

Have a look at our digital welcome book, Touch Stay, for a list of our favorite restaurants, our house rules, and some other tidbits to get your vacation started.

And, of course, feel free to reach out to us by cell at (555) 234-5678 if you have questions or concerns.

Most importantly, enjoy your stay!

Diane and Steve Wright


Want learn more about how to make your guests smile? Check out our digital welcome books. They make vacations as stress-free as possible by providing essential details, booking communications, and your insider tips all in one place.